Cookies at Aunt Deb’s and more!

These are my 2 youngest making some amazingly yummy peanut butter chocolate cookies.  The recipe’s from a cookie cookbook my sister got me for Christmas last year.

Basically you make chocolate dough and peanut butter dough and then you flatten out the chocolate and wrap it around the pb, as demonstrated here by Russell.  That’s cousin Abby there turned around.

There’s a much better pic of cousin Abby.  If you look close, you can see near the bottom there that she’s about to wrap the chocolate around the pb.  Then you bake them and try to wait for them to cool off for a minute before snarfing them down.

Even Daddy and Aunt Dulcie got into the act.  I think Abby’s telling them the right way to do it.   They had to share a tray.

Oh, forgot to mention that sometimes we sort of smush them down a bit.  I think you’re supposed to do it with the bottom of a glass dipped in sugar, but Patrick found that a hand works quite well, and is also WAY more fun.

Russell has to make sure his are all perfect spheres first.  Notice how we label the water bottle lids to keep everyone straight.  We use first initials: D, P, R, M, etc.  Daddy uses the liter ones so his are different.  Our system worked real well until we stayed with Aunt Deb and Uncle Phil.  Yeah, one more D and one more P.  Not sure what they did.  Probably kept their bottles way away from the boys.

One last cookie picture, of Abby demonstrating the proper smushing technique.  She really has quite a natural talent.

Ok then, anyone wanna guess what we did today?

Pictures of ornament making and possibly even knitting will resume shortly…


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