Knitting and baking like mad

And I can’t really post pictures yet either.  In what’s either one of the smartest things I’ve done or the opposite, I figured out at some point how to automatically make my blog posts here appear on my facebook page.  Which was partially a good move – now I don’t have to say things twice.  But also partially now a not so good move, as people I’m making things for are on there, and I don’t know how much of my stuff they read.

So, then, I finished the ****** for my brother a while back.  Over the weekend, I finished the ****** for my sister’s hubby and also the ******* for my brother’s fiance.  I really only have to finish the ******* for my sister, but there’s more things I’d really really like to finish.  I have a ******* that I think might be for my sister, or it might be for brother’s fiance, I have to see it when it’s done and decide who it’d look better on.  I haven’t made anything for my boys, and although they don’t exactly need anything (except Russ who needs some new mittens), I still feel guilty that they don’t have a handmade gift to open up.  My sister’s coming a few days before though, and she’d bringing some nasty colored fun fur yarn, so I can try to whip out a couple of crocheted Pygmy Puffs.

Also the baking has begun, but it’s not even for us at this point.  Tonight Patrick and I are making some m & m ch chip cookies for a thing he’s doing at school where they’re selling goods and services.  I’m frankly grateful that he chose a good that we’re good at. (snort)

The boys all have their school “Winter” parties on Thursday, and I only signed up to bring a treat for 2 of them, and they both want brownies!  The oldest boy requested a pan (“I can cut them myself, Mom”), for which I bought chocolate frosting and peppermint kisses to decorate.  The middle boy requested those mini cupcake things, upon which I will make  a blob of green frosting that, God willing, will look like a little Christmas tree in a brown pot.  Not sure of decorations at this point.  I’ll check my sprinkles.

Thing is, David’s got a church party on Wed night, so he’ll have to make sure he gets the decorating of his brownie done before he leaves.  Which means I’ll have to bake them on Tuesday.  Thursday we’re going caroling with a group from church, and it’s also the last day of school.  I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it.  Not because I’ll have the boys home all day, more because it means I really need to speed up the knitting.


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