Why I love my husband today

After that cookie baking last night, Patrick thinks it’d be better if I drive him to school instead of him trying to wrangle the cookie tin on the bus.  I agree.

After making sure they’re dressed and eating breakfast, I go upstairs to get something on that’s halfways presentable for me to drive them to school. I verify with Patrick that I can just drop him off at the door, since if I had to actually walk into the school it would require a bit more of a thought process as to finding appropriate clothing.   Patrick says that a front door drop off is perfectly acceptable.

I grab my navy blue maternity leggings that are capri length.  I know, it’s 8 degrees out, but I don’t have to get out of the car, remember?  I look for a long sleeved maternity top, but the only one clean is my new sweater, and I’m sort of saving that for good.  Like not driving the kids to school stuff.  So, I grab my old navy blue turtleneck out of the closet, and say a prayer of thanks that it’s so old and stretched out that it still fits over my baby belly.  I don’t even care about the bleach stains on the one sleeve.  I am wearing short socks, in white.  Got that mental image?

I kiss hubby bye and tell him I’ll be right back.  He asks if I’m going somewhere afterwards.  I say no, why?  He says he thought maybe I was since I was dressed up.

Old stretched out non-maternity turtleneck and capri maternity leggings now is apparently my “dressed up”.

Kind of makes you wonder what I wear every other day, doesn’t it?


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