And now back to our regularly scheduled programing

Well, I’m actually going to start at the end.  Trust me, this story is worth it.

But first, a teeny back-story: we got a lot of snow on Christmas Day.  The weatherman says we got 7 inches.  I think he lied.  I know we got some 4 foot drifts, and I’d be more likely to say that all in all, we got around 12 inches total on Christmas Eve and Day.  We really didn’t expect to see a plow come through on Saturday, the 26th.  We were hoping to see one on Sunday, the 27th, but were sadly disappointed.  I was hoping to be awakened by one this morning, but again, no luck.  The plow finally came through around 11 this morning, and pushed a big mound from the cul-de-sac right into our front yard, slightly messing up the slide the kids had made.  That was easily repaired post-haste.

The second pass of the plow came about 2 hours later.  He got stuck.

The snow plow.  Got.  Stuck.

3 times.

Twice in the same spot.

It was one of those big plows, that look like a dump truck with a plow attached on the front.  A pick up truck sized plow had to come and push him out the first 2 times.  He managed to get out by himself the 3rd time.

David said that I should have video-taped it and put it on you-tube.

I said that perhaps the snow plow folks should have plowed earlier instead of waiting for 3 days letting the ice and snow pile up on the street.

Tune in tomorrow to hear the story of sledding yesterday.  It involves 3 injuries (no 911 calls though), 2 bags of ice, several crying bouts, and a trip to the pizza buffet.  And pictures.


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