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A couple of things

Not at all related, but here they are anyway:

1.  I now am the mother of a 12 year old.  Who decided in his vast wisdom that this year he not only did not want a party with 12 guests, he also did not even want candles on his cake.

At least he let me bake him one though.

We took 3 of his bestest buds to see a movie, along with the 2 little brothers.  That’s over 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back.

I did, however, get teary-eyed at the end of the movie (The Squeakquel) when (blank) comes in and saves the day.  I’m blaming it on the pregnancy. (I put the blank in there cause you know there’s a happy ending cause it’s a kids’ movie but I didn’t want to give it away who did the happy part.)

2.  I’m trying to crank out some baby hats.  There’s another group on Ravelry who has challenged us, and we’re sort of having this contest to see which group can make more hats.  Here’s sort of an explanation in this thread.  I’m having trouble staying focused, especially since the purchase of this stuff from my LYS.  I’m making these, from the book my sister got me for Christmas.  I’ll try to get up a picture soon, but I only started it a little while ago, and although it’s 72 st around, on size 1’s, I’m rather obsessed, and I’m already just past the heel on the first sock.  Toe up.  The slow color change is just mesmerizing.

3.  I get another “Mom of the Year” award for last night.  I had been having a bad day.  Cliff notes – hubby, who after Russell’s party the day after Christmas when he spent most of the party upstairs in bed on his computer and/or trying to get his new camera to work, said that he’d take over everything for the next party.  Which was Saturday.  Not even really a party.  David had 3 friends over, went to the movies, had pizza and cake and opened up presents.  However, there was massive cleaning and putting away of Christmas stuff still to be done, which all happened on Saturday morning.  While Steve was in Topeka.  Cause someone (who’s obviously WAY more important than me or the boys) asked him to speak at her meeting thing about something political.  So, I woke up waddling, oh wait, I promised the cliffnotes, didn’t I?  Oops.  Ok, then, back on track:  So, party day was quite exhausting for me.  Steve did get the boys (except for newly 12 year old David) tucked in bed by 7:50 pm.  Patrick however, was playing an electronic game in his bed until 9.

He comes in out room to ask if he can snuggle cause he’s having bad dreams. I say you can’t possibly be having bad dreams since you haven’t slept yet. Steve sends him back to bed.

He comes back in at 9:15 saying that he’s scared that something might come out and get him, and literally bursts into tears. I tell Steve it’s his turn, and he gets Patrick to come over to his side of the bed and he lays down with him while Patrick sobs. I ask, where exactly is he afraid that something might come out of? He doesn’t really answer, so my response is…

“Well, don’t worry…it’ll probably get Russell first, and then you’ll have time to escape.”

4.  I don’t think it helped Patrick.  I sure got the giggles though.


What I did on Saturday

A story in pictures:

I finished and wove in the ends on my sister’s Horcrux socks.

I finished the Stripey Hat I made to go with the Stripey Baby Surprise Jacket.  I thought about adding little chains on the sides, to tie the hat on, then I decided not to.  The hat is cute enough without it.

I finished up another baby hat for our little contest thingie.

Also I started some booties to match the stripey BSJ and hat mentioned above.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m making a set using blue yarns as well, but I’m sure hoping to use the pink set for a change.

I sure hope every day that I decide not to do anything that I get this much done!  And don’t worry Kristen; I’m still working on your Monkey socks.

Russell’s 6th Birthday, and a few memories from Christmas

So, my youngest boy turned 6 the day after Christmas, and he had quite the shin-dig.  Of course it had snowed buckets and buckets here,

and frankly I was sort of concerned that none of his guests would be able to make it.  I was half relieved when I started getting phone calls from moms asking if the party was still on.  My thinking?  Those poor moms were suffering the same thing I was – it’s been snowing for 2 days, I have a house full of relatives, and my kids have massive cabin fever all while hyped up on Christmas excitement and sugar so please please please tell me I can still somehow get rid of one of my kids for a couple of hours this afternoon.  I assured everyone that the party was still on, assuming they could drive down our unplowed cul-de-sac.

Steve aka Florida-Man went out that morning and spent a few hours shoveling the driveway so that if anyone braved the street, they’d at least have a clean driveway in which to drop off their kids.

My sister helped me decorate the cake, and she had the red thumbs for the rest of the stay to prove it.

Russ was turning 6, so he was allowed to invite 6 friends, and 4 of them made it to our house.  Of course, one of them lives next door, so it wasn’t too bad for them.

First, they played for a while, then we decorated paper bags for later.  Next, the cake was cut and eaten, and somewhere in there David managed to sneak out back on the deck to (are you ready for this?) hide the Easter Eggs.

That’s our back deck after he went out there and dropped about 50 or so eggs filled with candy in the snow.  Russell wanted an Easter Egg hunt for his birthday.  In the snow.

The kids ended up having a blast out there; we shooed them out after Russ opened up the presents.  They got done right about when parents started showing up to pick up their kids, so it worked out fairly well.  I think Russell and everyone had a blast.

Rewind a bit, and here’s some of my favorites from Christmas:

My sister modeling her new Feather and Fan Shalom Cardigan.  I was so relieved it fit her!

My brother’s fiance Kristen wearing the scarf and fingerless mitts I made her while checking out her Learn to Crochet book from my sister.  We’re slowly reeling in another one.  See?

I’m giving her the first lesson.

Here’s the grown up kids sitting around the table – me with my back to the camera, then Kristen (brother’s fiance), then Kyle (brother), and then opposite me is Kristi (sister of the famed Christmas Prairie Star Afghan).

Here’s the whole gang.  Back row, left to right is son #1 David, hubby Steve, son #2 Patrick, prego me, son #3 Russell, and my dad.  Front row starts with my brother Kyle, his fiance Kristen, my sister Kristi, and her hubby Jim.  And that’s all folks.

For now…

Catching up

Here’s some quick shots of what I’ve been working on, and partly finishing since Christmas:

First off the Baktus scarf. It was supposed to be for my sister for Christmas, but alas, it did not get finished in time.  Luckily, my sister is overwhelmingly forgiving.

Sorry about the shadows.  I’m taking these pictures with the camera that fell off the nightstand and the little screen thing that you’re supposed to look at to see what you’re taking a picture of cracked.  So, now I have to do it the old-fashioned way and look through the view finder.  And since I can’t read the screen thing, I can’t tell if the flash is on.

At any rate, the scarf turned out very nice.  I still may or may not crochet a little edging around it.

Here’s some Monkey socks, that might be for my brother’s fiance, if she likes them.  Oh, and my belly too.

Front view of the monkey socks, part 1.  I got this yarn years ago from Knitpicks, and never did figure out what to do with it.  It does look quite fetching as monkey’s though.  The back part, which you can almost see here:

Wow, that picture turned out shaded, huh?  You can barely tell that I did 1 by 1 ribbing along the back side of the leg, and I also did the knits through the back loop.  In person it looks very neat and trim.

Next up, some mittens I did for my oldest boy:

They’re in Cascade Quatro, which is beautiful in the way it takes singles of different colors and twists them together.

Next up, a pair of mittens I made for Russ, in some acrylic, which he doesn’t like cause they don’t keep his hands very warm, he says.  Luckily though, they also fit Patrick, so he can use them as a spare.  I’m already working on a new pair for Russ, out of wool.

And lastly, a Baby Surprise Jacket in blues, as more of an insurance policy than anything else.  Hubby usually goes to this benefit dinner thing in the spring, and they have a silent auction.  When we went this past year, I saw that there were several baby things there, among them a knitted layette set.  So, the plan then, is to go ahead and make a pink one and a blue one, and whichever one I don’t need will be donated to that.

Here’s hoping I can use the pink one for a change!

The Christmas FO’s

I realized that I still haven’t posted about the few things I managed to kick out for Christmas this year.  Oops.  Further apologies await, as all the links are Ravelry ones.  If you’re not on yet, and you knit or crochet, then go now and sign up, if only to read my notes.

Here’s the hat I made for my brother Kyle.  I had enough of the gray yarn leftover to make mitts for his fiance.

And here are said mitts:

Jim’s Deathflake hat turned out, well, is adorable too strong a word?

Here it is with him actually wearing it:

These were not done yet, but it’s ok, cause they’re not supposed to be.  They’re for my sister Kristi and they’re fingerless mitts.  She picked out the pattern a while back, and when she came down in October she and I went to Knit Wit and she picked out the yarn.

The plan was for me to have one of them mostly done by Christmas for her to try on, cause she wasn’t sure how far up the fingers she wanted them.  Turns out that they’re about an inch too short in this picture, which works out great.  I did several rows of ribbing, and it was done.  Well, except for the thumb.  And the other mitt.

I also made my sister a Shalom Cardigan.  Here’s her opening it up:

And here’s a shot of it on the floor:

See the buttons?

And go ahead and catch your breath for a minute, cause here’s what my sister made me:  a Prairie Star afghan.

Yeah.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.

R. I. P. Gunther

Our beloved kitty Gunther (pronounced Gooooonther) passed away Sunday morning while we were at church.  It had been so dang cold, even in the garage with his space heater aimed at his happy place on an old blanket under the stairs that he had already developed the sniffles.  Saturday night when I got back from knitting, I felt like I should let him sleep in the laundry room, which I pretty much never do, cause he likes to pee in places he shouldn’t.  But, I reasoned, it was supposed to be stupid cold, and I’ll just do a few loads of towels anyway.  I covered the room up, gave him some fresh water and food, and made him a nice bed near the register vent.  By Sunday morning, he was looking worse, and we thought we’d probably be saying goodbye very shortly.  I was not looking forward to having to drive both him and the boys over to the vet for that final visit, if you know what I mean.

We went to church, and I broke down once, telling one of the boys’ teachers what was going on, in case he seemed out of sorts.  By the time we got back from church, Gunther was gone.

We let the boys say goodbye, and then Steve and I buried him the best we could in the snow.  We cut off a few snips of his fur, which we will put in some contact paper later on to use as bookmarks to keep a bit of Gunther with us.

We got Gunther back in the summer of 1992 when we lived in IL but were visiting FL.  We fell in love with him, and brought him home with us on the 2 day drive.  He fell asleep most times on Steve’s shoulder as he drove.  That little kitty was so teeny that we knew we had to give him a big studly name so he’d grow up big and strong.  We tossed around Thor and some others before deciding on Gunther.  He had this odd way of rubbing his eyes on my nose, either as a sign of affection or perhaps because he had an itch.

So, that poor cat was born in FL, moved to IL, then back to FL, and lastly to KS.  He has survived all our other cats that have decided to live with us along the way, including Juliet (our first cat), Chewey (named after Chewbacca cause that cat made the same throaty gurgle thing that Chewbacca does), Callie (our calico without a tail), Fred-bob (who decided we were alright to eat from, but not so much to get petted by), FBI aka Fred-bob imposter (a cat who looked like Fred-bob but wasn’t cause he let us pet him sometimes) and lastly, Scar (who really only liked Russell).

This is going to be the first time since Christmas of 1991 that we haven’t had at least one cat in our family.  Gunther was born sometime probably in August of 92, and died January 3, 2010, which I think made him about 17 1/2 years old.  For an outdoor cat, I think that’s amazing.   And so was he.


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