R. I. P. Gunther

Our beloved kitty Gunther (pronounced Gooooonther) passed away Sunday morning while we were at church.  It had been so dang cold, even in the garage with his space heater aimed at his happy place on an old blanket under the stairs that he had already developed the sniffles.  Saturday night when I got back from knitting, I felt like I should let him sleep in the laundry room, which I pretty much never do, cause he likes to pee in places he shouldn’t.  But, I reasoned, it was supposed to be stupid cold, and I’ll just do a few loads of towels anyway.  I covered the room up, gave him some fresh water and food, and made him a nice bed near the register vent.  By Sunday morning, he was looking worse, and we thought we’d probably be saying goodbye very shortly.  I was not looking forward to having to drive both him and the boys over to the vet for that final visit, if you know what I mean.

We went to church, and I broke down once, telling one of the boys’ teachers what was going on, in case he seemed out of sorts.  By the time we got back from church, Gunther was gone.

We let the boys say goodbye, and then Steve and I buried him the best we could in the snow.  We cut off a few snips of his fur, which we will put in some contact paper later on to use as bookmarks to keep a bit of Gunther with us.

We got Gunther back in the summer of 1992 when we lived in IL but were visiting FL.  We fell in love with him, and brought him home with us on the 2 day drive.  He fell asleep most times on Steve’s shoulder as he drove.  That little kitty was so teeny that we knew we had to give him a big studly name so he’d grow up big and strong.  We tossed around Thor and some others before deciding on Gunther.  He had this odd way of rubbing his eyes on my nose, either as a sign of affection or perhaps because he had an itch.

So, that poor cat was born in FL, moved to IL, then back to FL, and lastly to KS.  He has survived all our other cats that have decided to live with us along the way, including Juliet (our first cat), Chewey (named after Chewbacca cause that cat made the same throaty gurgle thing that Chewbacca does), Callie (our calico without a tail), Fred-bob (who decided we were alright to eat from, but not so much to get petted by), FBI aka Fred-bob imposter (a cat who looked like Fred-bob but wasn’t cause he let us pet him sometimes) and lastly, Scar (who really only liked Russell).

This is going to be the first time since Christmas of 1991 that we haven’t had at least one cat in our family.  Gunther was born sometime probably in August of 92, and died January 3, 2010, which I think made him about 17 1/2 years old.  For an outdoor cat, I think that’s amazing.   And so was he.


1 Response to “R. I. P. Gunther”

  1. 1 Lisa G. January 7, 2010 at 11:09 am

    So sorry for your loss. We too just lost our beloved Dog Caleb of 11 years. They definitely are part of the family!!

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