The Christmas FO’s

I realized that I still haven’t posted about the few things I managed to kick out for Christmas this year.  Oops.  Further apologies await, as all the links are Ravelry ones.  If you’re not on yet, and you knit or crochet, then go now and sign up, if only to read my notes.

Here’s the hat I made for my brother Kyle.  I had enough of the gray yarn leftover to make mitts for his fiance.

And here are said mitts:

Jim’s Deathflake hat turned out, well, is adorable too strong a word?

Here it is with him actually wearing it:

These were not done yet, but it’s ok, cause they’re not supposed to be.  They’re for my sister Kristi and they’re fingerless mitts.  She picked out the pattern a while back, and when she came down in October she and I went to Knit Wit and she picked out the yarn.

The plan was for me to have one of them mostly done by Christmas for her to try on, cause she wasn’t sure how far up the fingers she wanted them.  Turns out that they’re about an inch too short in this picture, which works out great.  I did several rows of ribbing, and it was done.  Well, except for the thumb.  And the other mitt.

I also made my sister a Shalom Cardigan.  Here’s her opening it up:

And here’s a shot of it on the floor:

See the buttons?

And go ahead and catch your breath for a minute, cause here’s what my sister made me:  a Prairie Star afghan.

Yeah.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.


1 Response to “The Christmas FO’s”

  1. 1 Meredith January 7, 2010 at 8:16 am

    I really like the fake isle hat. And the buttons on the cardigan are completely adorable!

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