Russell’s 6th Birthday, and a few memories from Christmas

So, my youngest boy turned 6 the day after Christmas, and he had quite the shin-dig.  Of course it had snowed buckets and buckets here,

and frankly I was sort of concerned that none of his guests would be able to make it.  I was half relieved when I started getting phone calls from moms asking if the party was still on.  My thinking?  Those poor moms were suffering the same thing I was – it’s been snowing for 2 days, I have a house full of relatives, and my kids have massive cabin fever all while hyped up on Christmas excitement and sugar so please please please tell me I can still somehow get rid of one of my kids for a couple of hours this afternoon.  I assured everyone that the party was still on, assuming they could drive down our unplowed cul-de-sac.

Steve aka Florida-Man went out that morning and spent a few hours shoveling the driveway so that if anyone braved the street, they’d at least have a clean driveway in which to drop off their kids.

My sister helped me decorate the cake, and she had the red thumbs for the rest of the stay to prove it.

Russ was turning 6, so he was allowed to invite 6 friends, and 4 of them made it to our house.  Of course, one of them lives next door, so it wasn’t too bad for them.

First, they played for a while, then we decorated paper bags for later.  Next, the cake was cut and eaten, and somewhere in there David managed to sneak out back on the deck to (are you ready for this?) hide the Easter Eggs.

That’s our back deck after he went out there and dropped about 50 or so eggs filled with candy in the snow.  Russell wanted an Easter Egg hunt for his birthday.  In the snow.

The kids ended up having a blast out there; we shooed them out after Russ opened up the presents.  They got done right about when parents started showing up to pick up their kids, so it worked out fairly well.  I think Russell and everyone had a blast.

Rewind a bit, and here’s some of my favorites from Christmas:

My sister modeling her new Feather and Fan Shalom Cardigan.  I was so relieved it fit her!

My brother’s fiance Kristen wearing the scarf and fingerless mitts I made her while checking out her Learn to Crochet book from my sister.  We’re slowly reeling in another one.  See?

I’m giving her the first lesson.

Here’s the grown up kids sitting around the table – me with my back to the camera, then Kristen (brother’s fiance), then Kyle (brother), and then opposite me is Kristi (sister of the famed Christmas Prairie Star Afghan).

Here’s the whole gang.  Back row, left to right is son #1 David, hubby Steve, son #2 Patrick, prego me, son #3 Russell, and my dad.  Front row starts with my brother Kyle, his fiance Kristen, my sister Kristi, and her hubby Jim.  And that’s all folks.

For now…


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