A couple of things

Not at all related, but here they are anyway:

1.  I now am the mother of a 12 year old.  Who decided in his vast wisdom that this year he not only did not want a party with 12 guests, he also did not even want candles on his cake.

At least he let me bake him one though.

We took 3 of his bestest buds to see a movie, along with the 2 little brothers.  That’s over 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back.

I did, however, get teary-eyed at the end of the movie (The Squeakquel) when (blank) comes in and saves the day.  I’m blaming it on the pregnancy. (I put the blank in there cause you know there’s a happy ending cause it’s a kids’ movie but I didn’t want to give it away who did the happy part.)

2.  I’m trying to crank out some baby hats.  There’s another group on Ravelry who has challenged us, and we’re sort of having this contest to see which group can make more hats.  Here’s sort of an explanation in this thread.  I’m having trouble staying focused, especially since the purchase of this stuff from my LYS.  I’m making these, from the book my sister got me for Christmas.  I’ll try to get up a picture soon, but I only started it a little while ago, and although it’s 72 st around, on size 1’s, I’m rather obsessed, and I’m already just past the heel on the first sock.  Toe up.  The slow color change is just mesmerizing.

3.  I get another “Mom of the Year” award for last night.  I had been having a bad day.  Cliff notes – hubby, who after Russell’s party the day after Christmas when he spent most of the party upstairs in bed on his computer and/or trying to get his new camera to work, said that he’d take over everything for the next party.  Which was Saturday.  Not even really a party.  David had 3 friends over, went to the movies, had pizza and cake and opened up presents.  However, there was massive cleaning and putting away of Christmas stuff still to be done, which all happened on Saturday morning.  While Steve was in Topeka.  Cause someone (who’s obviously WAY more important than me or the boys) asked him to speak at her meeting thing about something political.  So, I woke up waddling, oh wait, I promised the cliffnotes, didn’t I?  Oops.  Ok, then, back on track:  So, party day was quite exhausting for me.  Steve did get the boys (except for newly 12 year old David) tucked in bed by 7:50 pm.  Patrick however, was playing an electronic game in his bed until 9.

He comes in out room to ask if he can snuggle cause he’s having bad dreams. I say you can’t possibly be having bad dreams since you haven’t slept yet. Steve sends him back to bed.

He comes back in at 9:15 saying that he’s scared that something might come out and get him, and literally bursts into tears. I tell Steve it’s his turn, and he gets Patrick to come over to his side of the bed and he lays down with him while Patrick sobs. I ask, where exactly is he afraid that something might come out of? He doesn’t really answer, so my response is…

“Well, don’t worry…it’ll probably get Russell first, and then you’ll have time to escape.”

4.  I don’t think it helped Patrick.  I sure got the giggles though.


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