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In between diapers…

and cuddles with this:

I finished up a few things.

First off, the blue baby surprise jacket, which really only needed to be seamed up:

Next the matching hat:

And booties:

And here’s the complete set.  Ready?  Awwwwwww.

This completes the dual Baby Surprise jacket sets I was attempting to finish up before the baby arrived.  You can see how well that worked out.  I did have the pink one done, but as you know, he sort of didn’t need that one.  At any rate though, I never posted pictures of that set, or the hat or booties, so here they are:

Also, a random pair of socks I whipped out for Patrick out of some orange sock yarn I found on clearance.  He loves them:

Also finished but not shown yet are 2 hats; one I made for Christopher last Thursday cause I didn’t want to use any of the other baby hats I had been working on for the hat contest my group is having with another group on Ravelry, and a gray and black striped hat I finished up the day after Christopher was born while waiting for everyone to come and pick us up.

Speaking of, at some point, I’m going to have to write down the details of Christopher’s arrival, before I forget.  Maybe after I get a nap.


One week out…

And this seems to be the favorite picture my hubby loaded up:

All I can think of are 2 things:

1.  I sure am glad I cleaned off my nightstand.

2.  I still hadn’t had a shower at that point.

It’s ok, postpartum mom’s don’t stink, according to Christopher.

I’ve had a good reason…

…for the blog silence.

I’ll make sure to post the details later on.  Promise.

Baby #4 is here!

Stats: 7 lbs, 4 oz

20 1/2 inches long

Christopher Matthew

less than 5 minutes of pushing – yay!  I did something right.

More later.

Progress, or lack thereof

Still here, still knitting, still pregnant.

I have completed some things, and while I have taken pictures and even gone so far as to upload them from the camera onto the computer, I am unable to transfer them from the computer to the blog.  It keeps saying my connection is down, so I’ll have to have hubby look at it at some point when the following 3 things occur simultaneously: 1.) he’s home, 2.) he’s not doing anything he deems important, and 3.) I actually remember to ask him.  Normally I do good to get 2 out of the 3, so it’s not looking good.

I’ve been on a button hunt for about a week now for the blue BSJ I’ve been working on.  I checked Hobby Lobby, which for whatever reason has the smallest button section ever.  Then last week on the way back from an appt at a birth center, I thought I’d stop at Joann’s, which has an entire aisle devoted to buttons, but the appt took longer than I thought, and we ran out of time.  Checked today at the big W store, which has a small section but also has fairly cool buttons, and nothing.  So, looks like if I want to finish this thing before having the baby I’m going to have to drive out to Joann’s again.  Don’t know when I’m going to get to go though.

Monday am – If they don’t close school for the massive snow we’re supposed to get, then I’m somehow helping do a game for Russ’s class that I don’t remember volunteering for.  We’re going to be spoon racing mini marshmallows.  You know, like the egg in the spoon in the mouth thing, only with mini marshmallows instead.  I was going to do conversation hearts, but they’re heavier, and may be somewhat easier to keep on the spoon.

Monday pm – if it’s not snowing too awful much, this may be the best bet.

Tuesday I have something that I can’t remember what it is.

Wednesday we have 2 parent teacher conferences, and the 2 older boys have a half day.

I think that’s what it is on Tuesday – the other conference.

Thursday and Friday everyone’s off school.  Oh the joy.  I can’t wait.


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