My Olympic Goals…

…I almost did it.  Or, them, rather.

I had wanted to finish up the blue BSJ set, which meant seaming up the jacket (done), knitting the hat (done), and knitting up the booties (done).  This I actually wanted to get done prior to going into labor.  That part didn’t work out according to plan.

I had also wanted to finish up a pair of socks that I started back in May.  Which oddly was right about the time I got pregnant.  I had completed one of the socks, then must have figured out I was pregnant, and started in on other stuff.

The socks are of a DK weight yarn, and I was using a pattern I had already used for socks, so it really shouldn’t have been a challenge to finish up one measly sock.  They’re even on a size 3 needle.  The pattern’s just a stockinette foot and ribbing at the top.  I should have been able to kick out one little sock.

But, as you know, this happened:

And today after church, and lunch, and rootbeer floats, I crashed.  I took about a 3 hour nap, waking up around 7.


I did get all the way up to the start of the ribbing on the cuff before the flame went out.

Sometimes I think naps are more important than knitting goals.  At least it sure was today.


1 Response to “My Olympic Goals…”

  1. 1 silfert March 13, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    Naps are a triple scoop of awesome.

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