Parade of FO’s

First off,don’t go thinking that all these have been finished up recently.  I think what it was was that I never took pictures, or took pictures and never loaded them up to the computer, or loaded them onto the computer but didn’t put them on the blog, or possibly some sort of combination of the above.  So then, here they are in no particular order, along with a few gratuitous baby pictures.

These are the socks that were supposed to be finished up during the Olympics.  Good thing is, they still work, and fit great, and feel nice and warm and squishy.

These are some Monkey’s that I finished up a while ago, for my brother’s fiance.  Hey Kristen, if you’re reading, I’ll sure try to get them in the mail to you this week.  Well, maybe this month.

Another Grandpa 60 hat for the boys.  I’m pretty sure David’s going to claim this one, cause it’s blue.

I’m completely addicted to this pattern.  I literally knitted this pair in 5 days.  With a newborn, and 3 other boys in the house, that’s like total warp speed.  I’ve already started another pair in some blue wool I picked up on clearance, but now that Knitpicks has come out with their new cotton heathers, I’m thinking an order is in the works for some cotton pants too.

This is yet another Grandpa 60 hat that I’m fond of for a couple reasons.

1. It’s made using leftover yarn from 2 different projects: a hat I made my brother for Christmas this year (both the gray and black) and some fingerless mitts I made his fiance.

2. Russell immediately claimed it with love, as shown in picture below.

3. This was the one project I brought with me to Christopher’s birth, and while things went fast enough that I didn’t get to work on it during labor, I did finish it up the next day while waiting to go home.

4. One more I almost forgot – this one was the first time I tried to do Grandpa 60’s pattern upside-down.   I wasn’t sure of the quantity of yarn I had leftover, and so I started from the crown with only the gray, increasing every other row until I got to 100 st around, or close to there, then started striping.  I even messed up on the striping and turned it into a design feature: I had started with 2 rows of each color, then wasn’t paying attention at some point and did 3 rows.  Instead of frogging, I just changed the striping pattern at that point to every 3 rows instead, and it looks like I planned it that way all along.

This cute little blueberry hat I whipped out in a few hours so that Christopher would have something warm to wear to his first Dr’s appt.

This one was interesting.  I had a teeny tiny ball of this teeny tiny yarn.  It looked like laceweight, but it was in baby colors, so I thought, what the heck.  It turned out so dang tiny, but I’m hoping it’ll fit a preemie, so I included it with the hats we’re sending over to Sweden.

The finished picture of the fingerless mitts my sister picked out for me to make for her.  She’ll get them along with her birthday presents when she comes to visit in a couple weeks for Patrick’s birthday.

and speaking of Patrick, here’s a cute shot of him holding Christopher.  Do you have any idea how old that chair is?  Me neither.  It belonged to my dad’s mom, and it was her sewing chair.  It sat in their living room, on the right just as you walked in.  It was pretty much the only thing I wanted from there when both my grandparents had passed away.  My Nana was not a tall lady, so the chair sits very close to the ground, and if you rock too much in it, you run the risk of flipping yourself backwards.  It’s a great chair, and the boys look so cute in there.

and this is Christopher at exactly 1 month old.   It’s quite amazing how different his face looks.  His cheeks are filling out, as is his double chin.  He still has somewhat scrawny legs though, but it’s only a matter of time before my magic boobs fill everything out and he reaches what Steve and I like to call “maximum cuteness”.


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