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I finally got one!

A smile that is.  Christopher has this awesome habit of smiling like crazy until I go get the camera.  Until today.

The funny thing was, he wasn’t smiling at that musical Elmo thing or the little stuffed penguin.  He was just looking off into the corner of the room.

My mother in law always believed that babies could see spirits, or angels.

So, I wonder, was he seeing one of his grandma’s?


A bit random, ok, a lot random

Deb’s scarf, that I finished up while watching 2012 the other night:

Here’s my adorable little Buddha-shaped baby:

I’ve got some serious start-itis going on lately, and I’m trying to counteract that by guilting myself into finishing some of the things I’d promised to Steve’s older sisters.  I did tell them it’d take years before I got everything done, and I have finished quite a lot, but there’s still some projects.  Let me see if I can remember them all: (note – these are Ravelry links, but they have a new feature now that allows users to make their project pages available for non-Ravelry users.  I’m pretty sure I made sure all these are public, not private)

For Dulcie:

1. a fringed vest thing. I started it, but became pregnant and had a horrible time concentrating on the pattern.

2. the scarf to match her hat.  Hat’s done, scarf hasn’t been started.

3. cabled purse, just like the one I made Maureen, but Dulcie’s is blue.

For Maureen:

1. speaking of purses, I still have about 2 or 3 inches to seam the lining on hers.  I can’t find my black thread either.

2. the lace alpaca shrug.  I never even started a project page for this one.  Oops.

I’d swear there’s one more thing for someone, but off the top of my head I can’t remember it.  I do have a list downstairs though, so I’ll go check it out later.

Next random thing – we have soccer games tomorrow, then Steve’s going to some political thing while I go take all the boys out to visit a friend.   Should be a fun afternoon.

Last one – knit night was tonight, and it sure was fun.  I’m so glad I have these ladies in my life.

Ok, I think I’m done.

Cause I know you were worried…

The black velvet skirt has been found.  Oddly enough, in a place I’d swear I looked 3 times already.

Additionally the other nursing dress (not the one I was talking about yesterday) looks alright too, so I’ll let hubby look at both outfits and see which one he thinks would be more appropriate for the shin-dig.

Also, finished up Deb’s thank you scarf.  I’ll get a picture before I mail it off.

Also, started a new jacket. Cause I don’t have nearly enough projects going on right now.  At least this one’s crochet.

Good news/Bad news kind of day

Good news – I got an e-mail from hubby today, inviting me to a thing that he forgot he reserved tickets for.

Bad news – It’s cocktail attire.  I’ll have to wear panty hose.

Good news – I bet I could pull off wearing my tiara.

Bad news – I have no idea where that nice nursing dress is that I bought from Motherwear (ahem) 6, 7, no, 8 years (!) ago when we stayed at Grand Hotel.

Good news – I found the dress, and like all my Motherwear stuff, it’s still in great shape.

Bad news – I’m still a good 10 (alright … 20)  lbs at least from wearing it without embarrassing anyone.

Good news – One of the other tops I bought, the darker purple one with a lacy thing around the neckline would look great with my black velvet tiered skirt.

Bad news – I can’t find my black velvet skirt.  I can’t even think of the last time I wore it.

I think I’ll just go play with yarn.


Things I like about spring:

Pretty purple violets growing behind my chives.

Easter lilies surviving despite the daily salad bar visits from the bunnies.

The view of the wisteria from my back deck.  Too bad you can’t smell them.

There, that’s a little closer…can you smell them now?

OK, that’s the closest I can get.

Anyone recognize these?

They’re just-budding lilies of the valley.  No smell yet, but when those little bells open up…magic!

But nothing takes the place of these beauties as far as smells go.  I love lilacs!

Knitting pictures will resume shortly.

Who ya gonna call?

Our little bundle of joy is 2 months old today.  He now resembles something out of Ghostbusters:

I do love you Christopher.  I’m so glad you’re here.

Hope this is a sufficient Thank You!

In response to the amazing yarn, and this glider,

and all the baby clothes, I thought it’d be good to make Deb some sort of thank you present.   I’m still working on hers, but here’s the scarf I made for her daughter Abby:

I think this may be my favorite scarf pattern.  It’s adaptable to any gauge yarn.  At least I think it is.  I still have to try lace-weight and see how that works.

Here’s one lonely baby sock; wanna know the back story?

I’ll tell you anyway.  Christopher didn’t nurse much during the drive, and made up for it all Saturday night.  I must not have had enough water to drink or something, cause at some point during the wee hours, I started to get a headache.  Long story short – it turned into a migraine by about 7 am Easter morning.  I had already done one sock for little Austin on Saturday night, and had planned on finishing up the other one before church.  That did not happen.  Migraines suck.

I did finish it up the other day though, and now I’m just trying to get Deb’s thank you present done so I can mail them all off.

And now for something completely different, know what my favorite part of spring is?  Smelling these:

I remember when we first moved in here; it was in August, and there were these tall bushes on the side of the garage that some landscaping company had trimmed the heck out of, and made them look like tall boxes.  I didn’t think too much of them, cause they were just these green things.  Fall progressed, and winter passed, and spring came along.  One day I was outside and smelled a smell that brought back my childhood.  It took a second, then I realized: someone very close to my house must have lilac bushes.  I was so stoked.  I thought I should walk around a bit to see where exactly they were so I could go visit them and smell them closer.

Imagine my joy to find that it was ME who had lilacs!  And now they’re just starting to bloom, and it smells amazing!


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