Patrick’s Green Dragon

So, Patrick has been on this green dragon kick for a couple years now.  Last year for his birthday, my sister somehow found a flying remote control green dragon thing that he loved.  Russ broke it.

This year, he still asked for a green dragon, and I found this.  It knit up really quite quickly.  Here’s a picture of it while I was still sewing parts on.  Note the missing arms and wings.

I finally got it all sewn up.  Steve ended up having to put the eyes on with a pair of pliers.  They’re those snap on ones, with a ring that goes inside the animal and the eye has a little peg.  It’s supposed to snap on.  None of us could get it using our hands.  Here’s the pre-fur picture:

I had the dragon done by the birthday party, but not the fur.  So I thought I’d save the dragon for him to open up on his actual birthday.  The party was the Saturday before, and his birthday was Monday, so I should have had plenty of time to crochet on some fun fur, right?

This is me late on Sunday night, nursing Christopher while finishing up the fur:

Patrick opened it up right before school, and loved it.  That evening, while the other boys were supposed to be putting the dishes away from the dishwasher, David broke it.  That’s right.  Big brother broke Patrick’s knitted dragon on his birthday!  Poor Patrick was more upset about David getting in trouble than anything else.  I was furious, mainly because David thought it’d be funny to slam the dragon down on the floor.  It landed just right somehow so that one of the eyes broke off.  The very same eyes that took hubby and me hours to get on.  Steve finally got them on with a pair of pliers, and David managed to break one off in seconds.  Luckily, Arlene’s Tacky Glue worked fairly well, as long as we keep gnawing babies away from it.

Good as new.  Someone at my knitting group suggested that I should have left the eye off, and knitted a little eye-patch instead.

He really does love it, I just missed the smile when I took the picture.  He’s taken it to school several times, and slept with it every night, and it even went to Aunt Deb and Uncle Phil’s house over Easter weekend.


1 Response to “Patrick’s Green Dragon”

  1. 1 Fran April 25, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    I love the little green dragon! So that’s how a busy mom gets knitting done. I wasn’t ingenious enough to think of knitting and nursing at the same time. I really didn’t think it was possible.

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