It was a great day to dye

Here’s a couple of pictures from the dyeing party we had over the weekend.  It was really so much fun, and we all had a blast!

Julie’s garage totally smelled like wet sheep.  And beer.

Here’s what mine turned out like:

First I did this one, just with either 5 or 6 packets of grape kool-aid:

Next I tried some of my Wilton frosting dyes.  I started with delphinium blue, which made it look rather like faded demin.  I thought I wanted a little more color, so I mixed in some teal, and it turned out gorgeous!  This one I think is my favorite:

Next I wanted to try the Easter Egg dyeing tablets, so this happened:

I used 2 freezer bags, and put a tablet in each one, added a splash of vinegar to dissolve the tablet, then dipped the soaked yarn in; one end in each baggie.  I added a bunch more water, transferred both baggies into the same bowl, and nuked.

Lastly, I did this one, using the Wilton again.  I started with purple, then added some delphinium blue just to see what would happen.

I was in a bit of a purple mood.  One last picture of the event though: our dyeing supervisor, asleep on the job:


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