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Reasons why I rock today

1.  After noticing that mis-crossed cable waaaaaaaaaay down at the top of the heel on the wavy socks, and after I put them in time out for about a week, I finally decided that I could not live with it that way, fair or no fair, and I frogged it all the way back.

2.  After frogging, I actually got the stitches all back on the needles on the correct row, except for about 2 of them which I caught, and not only that, it was a cable row, and those of you who knit probably know how challenging that is.

3.  It only took me 2 evenings to knit it back up to where it was when I discovered the oops.

4.  I now only have 1 more pattern repeat, I think, and then I’ll start on the ribbing, and then I can do the second sock.

5.  I thought I saw hummingbirds the other night.

6.  As though that wasn’t cool enough, I decided the next evening to bring the camera out and wait for them so I could get some pictures.

7.  I did.  Hubby mentioned to me that I may want to use the other camera setting, and upon seeing my confusion, came out and took over the photography duties.

8.  He got some great shots (I know, that’s technically not a reason I rock, but since he’s my hubby, I’m claiming it.).

9.  Upon reviewing the shots, I noticed that the hummingbirds looked rather brown.  I remarked that I thought they’d be more colorful.  Then argued with myself about why they’d not be more colorful (perhaps they’re babies, or female), and had pretty much talked myself back into thinking they were hummingbirds again.

10.  Until I noticed in one shot it looked an awful lot like the bird had 2 sets of wings.

11.  The google-fu – I has it.

11a. Googled hummingbird – that’s not quite what I saw outside.

11b. Googled locust – got some grasshopper-looking thing, also not it.

11c. Googled flying locust – got some creepy grasshopper looking thing with wings, still not it.

11d. Thought and thought and thought (“It looked rather like a moth, but looked like a hummingbird, hmmmm) and then googled “moth that looks like a hummingbird.

12.  Remember back up there at #5, when I said I thought I saw hummingbirds?  I did not.  I did, however, see what’s apparently a bit rare, a hummingbird moth.  Ours looked like the one on the far right, with the stripey body part.

13.  I also finished sewing up a flannel robe for oldest son, who does not want a bathrobe with some sort of sports team all over it.  I picked out the pattern, he chose blue and green flannel, and it’s hanging up to dry right now.

14.  I also replaced the broken plug on our 19+ year old Kenmore vacuum cleaner.  It now works, and most likely will continue to do so for another 19 years or so.

For the above reasons, and more, I hereby swear the next time I buy yarn, I will not feel guilty.

At least not as much as normal.


Remember scavenger hunts?

Fun, weren’t they?   This one was put on by an awesome group on Ravelry called Sock Knitters Anonymous.  The rules are all listed right here, but in a nutshell, you earned points by taking pictures of your sock doing certain things, or in certain situations.  For example,

a picture showing that the sock was cast on during the scavenger hunt,

a picture showing the sock on a moving vehicle other than a car (we used a bulldozer thing),

the sock being held by someone in uniform,

the sock in front of (a small part of) the stash, and also under water,

the sock in front of the lys,

the sock dining out, and an extra one if the server holds it for you,

(this was not a point earning shot, but it’s amusing.  I was attempting to explain to David which button to press, and as he was leaning forward to show me the top of the camera, I actually pressed his finger down on the button.),

Knitting in public (or in this case at a wedding reception of 2 of hubby’s friends),

dancing, and yes, that’s the YMCA,

nursing while knitting was my attempt at extreme knitting,

the sock on a bike, with a sign in more than 5 languages, and held by non-knitters and possibly also while engaging in an extreme sport.  Can you tell this was the last shot and we were trying to fit as many things in as we could?

I’m no where near winning as far as total points were concerned, but it was a blast, and the kids had so much fun helping me think of things to combine in different shots.  The good thing is we had fun, and we’re so totally doing it next year!

I’m having a day, and it started yesterday

So the boys and I were out getting the garden set up yesterday and it’s so fricken hot that I not only getting sweat dripping off my forehead onto my sunglasses, cause I’m bent over, I’m also getting a river of sweat between my boobages.  Gross.  I go and put on this really cute nursing tank top I got at Target the other week so I’m not so hot.  It’s one of those things I can wear at home and around VERY good friends, but not in public really, that’s what my Motherwear tops are for.  This tank just has too much showing when I unclip.  Not that I care, but on occasion I like to not make everyone around me uncomfortable.  (Note to self – save this top to wear in public when I’m in a mood to make most people around me feel uncomfortable, like perhaps at one of those stupid political things or something.  Now that’d be fun…)

Ahhh, much better.  We finish the garden, I bust the cheap cooler that I planted my seeds in, and I get out the hose to give everyone’s dirt a good drink cause it’s not supposed to rain until way later on.  The boys want to play in the hose, so I let them get their trunks on and play for like 20 minutes, cause they don’t have sunscreen on and I don’t really want to mess with it.

We go inside, I fix lunch and everyone but me and Chris take a nap cause somehow time totally got away from us the night before and it was like 10:30 before we were tucking them all in.  Oops.  Chris finally falls asleep around 4, so I’m thinking maybe I can get in an hour or so.  Nope.  Couldn’t fall asleep for some reason.

I get up, hear thunder, and we start putting away the dirt bags we didn’t use and the other stuff, and then Patrick notices there’s still clothes hung up outside, so we get those down, and all put away before the deluge starts.  We get an enormous amount of rain for like 20 or 30 minutes, then clear and sunny.  I go outside cause I’ve never seen our backyard that flooded before.  The boys see me outside and they want to come out too, and you can’t resist walking around in that for a minute.  And there’s an amazing rainbow.

I start supper (nachos), the boys eat, and I let them put their trunks on again and go out there and run around in the grass and water.  Someone (I’m betting on Russ) thought it’d be a good idea to have a grass fight, using the huge clumps of grass that have been marinating in the standing water by the playset for about a week now.  Double gross.  I hose most of it off them, but they still need to go wash out their uh, let’s say backsides afterwards.  Fun times.  I had everyone in bed by around 9 or so, after I had David help me put aloe on my back.

Yep.  I got burned.  Drank plenty yesterday though, so at least that wasn’t a problem.  And I’m just wearing the same tank top today, cause I think it’ll hurt to shower and I’m lazy.  So last night I’m working on the socks I’m thinking about for the fair, the ones I’ve told myself I should finish before I start the nagini ones.  I’m almost done with the leg on the first one.  It’s a great cabley pattern.  So, I’m knitting away, and I stop to admire my work and noticed there, right at the top of the heel on the backside is a cable crossed the wrong way.  (insert crying here)

Remember the great fair sock debaucle of 2009?  Short version – I picked out a cabley sock pattern and jojoland yarn to knit it up.  Started top down and when I was almost to the toe I noticed a miscrossed cable waaaaaaaaaaaaay up near the top.  Decided I really liked toe up’s anyway, and started a new pair leaving the bad sock to sit in time out.  Don’t know how far I got with the new sock, and noticed another miscrossed cable.  Chalked it up to being pregnant, frogged it and crocheted a diagonal potholder.  And gave up on the fair.

I think I may be cursed.  I love the pattern, love the yarn, but obviously these are not for the fair.  Perhaps Nagini will like the fair.

Oh, and this morning, David comes to me with a rash like thing on his back and upper arms.  I think it’s hives from that marinating grass fight they had yesterday.  I give him benadryl to drink and rub gold bond itch cream on his back.  We’ll try baking soda or oatmeal baths later on if it’s bothering him real bad.  Patrick has a little on his back too, and it’s on Russ’s legs.

And Chris must have translated my typing, figured out I wanted to wear this shirt again today, and when I stopped somewhere during the typing out of the fair thing to pick him up cause he was fussing, he spit up down my left boob.

Did I mention I don’t get to go to knitnight cause Steve has a rehearsal dinner?  And I’ll be herding the boys at the wedding on Sat at 4?  And that Sat is WWKIP day and I sort of want to try to do this sock knitting picture scavenger hunt?  Oh, and it’s gonna be like 92 on Sat?  Oh, and Steve’s tux for the wedding was, gulp, $150?

I’m trying to focus on the positive here.  I did finish knitting up my Amaizing tank , and although it fits, it’s rather tight in the boobage area.  I’m hoping that’s just cause I’m nursing and it’ll fit when I’m not.  No one’s sick right now, aside from allergies, and we’re getting ready to go up to visit my dad for his 70th birthday.  The boys and I will be dyeing some more yarn up there for Christopher’s baby blanket, and I’m going to try to convince Steve to do one hank.  I’m really looking forward to dyeing with my sister, and she’s ordering some yarn to have up there.  I’m ordering some as well, and just having it shipped directly to her so I don’t have to pack it.  Steve actually is going to get to go with us this trip, which means he’ll drive and I can possibly sit and knit!  Maybe I can even start some new socks for the fair!  Yeah, and maybe monkey’s will fly out of my butt!

I think I may lock myself in my bedroom today with Christopher and watch Cats and Goonies.

Right after I put in that knitpicks order…

And the boys get into dyeing as well

Here’s the before’s:

First Patrick,

And Russell,

Then we put it in bowls, and Russ added the water to David’s yarn.  David was being camera-shy.

Then Russ added water to his own while Patrick smushed David’s yarn down into the bowl.

Then Patrick added the water to his yarn while Russ took over the smushing.

Next we waited about 20 – 30 minutes for the yarn to totally get good and soaked.  We had a snack, we played with Christopher, and we watched the clock.

Small side note here – he’s wearing an outfit that’s about 12 years old that all the other boys wore as well.  Hubby’s mom bought us that wind up swing just after David was born, again, 12 years ago.  But the thing he’s leaning on is a brand new fuzzy blanket knit for him by his Aunt Kristi.  The little cushion thing for the swing was being washed, and that blanket folded in half fit perfectly!

OK then, back to the dye party.  David went first, with some ice blue raspberry lemonade.

He liked the turquoise color, but wanted it a bit darker, so he added one packet of black cherry and got this:

He was less than pleased.  If I remember right, he decided then to add some Wilton’s in the royal blue color.  I left him to do that and went on to help Russ, who was getting busy.  He had picked out Blastin Berry Cherry and Berry Blue and got this concoction:

Patrick had already started in with his orange:

And here’s all 3 hanging on the clothes line to dry.  Not pictured is me adding a couple of glugs of vinegar and nuking each bowl for 5 minutes.

And here’s each boy with his yarn:

And a couple of artsy shots I took in the clover after I hanked them up:

I think we’re going to call Russell’s mixed berry or something like that.  There’s a nice dark raspberry color, some blues in there, some lighter shades where his hand was gripping the yarn a little.  Over all, it’s lovely.

Patrick’s looks rather pumpkin-y.  He started with orange kool-aid, then added in one packet of lemon lime or some green color.  Then he thought it wasn’t orangey enough, so he chose to add in some Wilton’s copper, which darkened it up nicely I think.

David ended up being pleased with his after all.  He started with a few packets of ice blue raspberry lemonade, added in one packet of black cherry, then some Wilton’s royal blue.

All in all it was a good time.  We got out the little pool to celebrate.   I think they were trying to use that storage thing as a boat.

I put Christopher in the exersaucer (again, a 12 year baby toy) so he could watch the festivities, and David even got a smile.  I almost caught it.


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