And the boys get into dyeing as well

Here’s the before’s:

First Patrick,

And Russell,

Then we put it in bowls, and Russ added the water to David’s yarn.  David was being camera-shy.

Then Russ added water to his own while Patrick smushed David’s yarn down into the bowl.

Then Patrick added the water to his yarn while Russ took over the smushing.

Next we waited about 20 – 30 minutes for the yarn to totally get good and soaked.  We had a snack, we played with Christopher, and we watched the clock.

Small side note here – he’s wearing an outfit that’s about 12 years old that all the other boys wore as well.  Hubby’s mom bought us that wind up swing just after David was born, again, 12 years ago.  But the thing he’s leaning on is a brand new fuzzy blanket knit for him by his Aunt Kristi.  The little cushion thing for the swing was being washed, and that blanket folded in half fit perfectly!

OK then, back to the dye party.  David went first, with some ice blue raspberry lemonade.

He liked the turquoise color, but wanted it a bit darker, so he added one packet of black cherry and got this:

He was less than pleased.  If I remember right, he decided then to add some Wilton’s in the royal blue color.  I left him to do that and went on to help Russ, who was getting busy.  He had picked out Blastin Berry Cherry and Berry Blue and got this concoction:

Patrick had already started in with his orange:

And here’s all 3 hanging on the clothes line to dry.  Not pictured is me adding a couple of glugs of vinegar and nuking each bowl for 5 minutes.

And here’s each boy with his yarn:

And a couple of artsy shots I took in the clover after I hanked them up:

I think we’re going to call Russell’s mixed berry or something like that.  There’s a nice dark raspberry color, some blues in there, some lighter shades where his hand was gripping the yarn a little.  Over all, it’s lovely.

Patrick’s looks rather pumpkin-y.  He started with orange kool-aid, then added in one packet of lemon lime or some green color.  Then he thought it wasn’t orangey enough, so he chose to add in some Wilton’s copper, which darkened it up nicely I think.

David ended up being pleased with his after all.  He started with a few packets of ice blue raspberry lemonade, added in one packet of black cherry, then some Wilton’s royal blue.

All in all it was a good time.  We got out the little pool to celebrate.   I think they were trying to use that storage thing as a boat.

I put Christopher in the exersaucer (again, a 12 year baby toy) so he could watch the festivities, and David even got a smile.  I almost caught it.


1 Response to “And the boys get into dyeing as well”

  1. 1 silfert June 11, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    Far out! Tell them that they can dye yarn for me any time!

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