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It wasn’t that bad

Turning 40, that is.  Totally snuck up on me too.  I thought I’d feel different.  More “adult” or something.  Nope, still just me.

My sister flew down to spend the weekend with me and, well, this picture should explain a little:

No, that was not from a yarn crawl.  She had been stocking up, little by little, and actually individually wrapped each one (there’s 39, in case I decided I didn’t want to turn 40 yet), mailed it all down here so that she wouldn’t have to carry it on the plane, and then had the boys put them all over the house while we were gone.  I think she took pictures with her camera too, of little wrapped packages in shoes, and piled on the exersaucer, and other places.

I’ll write more details later on of the birthday extravaganza weekend (hubby turned a year older as well, the day after me!) right after I take a nap.  After all, I’m 40 now; I think that entitles me to a nap, right?  I’m going to curl up on the floor with all that yarn.  It’s very cushy.   Much like how I’d assume a padded room might feel.


So, not doing much, huh?

So, then, it’s been almost a month.  Wow.  Here’s a nutshell:  It’s been hot.  Very hot.  The boys played outside when they could, and inside when it got too hot.  Which was often.  I can’t make them play outside when I can barely stand it to just hang out the clothes.  You know it’s bad when you put the clothes on the line to dry around 9 or 10 am, and take them down around 7 or 8 pm, and they’re more damp then when you hung them up.

Russ decided he wanted to enter something in the County Fair this year, so we dug out the Ed Emberly thumbprint books, and he went to town.

I finished up a few things, and entered them in the county fair, and even won some ribbons.

The yarn that lovely Silfert spun for me turned into a lacy scarf and a 3rd place ribbon in the knitted cap/hat/scarf class!

These entrelac mitts were made for someone special for a Christmas present, and they won a 3rd place ribbon in the knitted mittens and gloves class.  I can’t be at all upset though, cause my friend‘s mitts were the ones that beat me!  And hers are lovely.

The pink BSJ set that was supposed to be for Christopher if he came out with an innie instead of an outie won us a 2nd place ribbon in the knitted baby item class.

Patrick’s fuzzy green dragon won a 2nd place ribbon in the knitted novelty class.  Here’s what won 1st:

an adorable knitted monkey.  Begin awwwwww’s now.

My tank I am quite proud of – it’s in that corn fiber yarn, called A-maize-ing.  snort It’s a lacy pattern, but I didn’t make it lacy in the bra-area.  Here’s a close-up:

See how the top of the picture there is not as holey as the bottom?  Cool, huh?  Yeah, I’m old school in that I don’t like having my bra showing through.

My Slippery’s won a 1st place ribbon in the knitted socks class.  I love those socks!

My green chevron cardigan won a 1st place ribbon in the crocheted clothing class.  I’m quite in love with it.  I made a cool button closure with tips from my sister:

I took 2 shank buttons and put some green and gray pearls on some flexible wire and strung them between the buttons.  Then you can just tuck the buttons into basically any hole in the sweater that you want.  It looks very cool on.  Trust me.

Now, we’ve got just a handful of days until school starts.  I’m half sad and half thinking I’m going to be dancing in the street in my pj’s when they all get on the bus…What on earth am I gonna do with only one child to take care of all day?  Hmmmmm.


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