It wasn’t that bad

Turning 40, that is.  Totally snuck up on me too.  I thought I’d feel different.  More “adult” or something.  Nope, still just me.

My sister flew down to spend the weekend with me and, well, this picture should explain a little:

No, that was not from a yarn crawl.  She had been stocking up, little by little, and actually individually wrapped each one (there’s 39, in case I decided I didn’t want to turn 40 yet), mailed it all down here so that she wouldn’t have to carry it on the plane, and then had the boys put them all over the house while we were gone.  I think she took pictures with her camera too, of little wrapped packages in shoes, and piled on the exersaucer, and other places.

I’ll write more details later on of the birthday extravaganza weekend (hubby turned a year older as well, the day after me!) right after I take a nap.  After all, I’m 40 now; I think that entitles me to a nap, right?  I’m going to curl up on the floor with all that yarn.  It’s very cushy.   Much like how I’d assume a padded room might feel.


2 Responses to “It wasn’t that bad”

  1. 1 Lizann September 1, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I didn’t get a chance to chime in with the other Brew Chicks to wish you a good day (with cake), so I will do so here.

    TOTAL SCORE on the yarn!! I must be a little OCD – I actually had to count the yarn in the pic to make sure there were 39. Your sister sounds VERY cool. I especially love that she wrapped each one!!

    I hope your day was wonderful. I may join you in the padded room – we’ll see who gets there first. And remember, true age is a state of mind. . . . so how old are you reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally???


  2. 2 Kathy October 1, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    That may be the coolest present(s) ever! How totally awesome. Happy Birthday, a month late.

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