Strike up the band

I have a parade of FO’s.   A looooooong time ago, my knitting group had a dye party.  This is the first thing I made from that yarn I dyed that day.

Yep, socks.  I love the colors though.  I took the hank and colored 1/3 of it with lemonade koolaid, 1/3 with lemon lime koolaid, and 1/3 with pink lemonade koolade.  Aren’t they spring-y looking?  Figures I’d finish them just in time for fall.  Here’s a close up of the lacy pattern.

I whipped this out for one of my nieces in FL.   Now that it’s done, my boys want one too.   Luckily, the google eyes come in packs of 12 or so.

We’re going on a Disney cruise in a couple weeks, so I thought Christopher should have some hidden mickey’s to wear.

I took a washcloth pattern here (it’s in the bugs and animals section), and charted it up.  I didn’t like that the mickey was done in garter st, so I did mine in stockinette and reverse stockinette.  I liked it so much I made another one in blue.

I’m still trying to decide on my vacation knitting, but I know this will be among them – I finally dyed my part of the yarn for Christopher’s baby blanket!   I’m doing one called Four Squares, and there’s a sample of another one I did right here.  For Christopher’s, I had each of the boys dye one hank of yarn which I’ll use for each square.  Daddy dyed one too that I’ll use for the border.  Here they all are in their glory in the front yard:

And a close up so I don’t forget what order I want the colors in:

We’re thinking once it’s done, whichever square he spits up on the most , well, that’s just his favorite person that day.  I dyed the red, David the blue/red/purple, Patrick the orange, and Russ the green.  Steve did the BRIGHT blue that will be the border.  Don’t know what that will be yet, I’ll focus on the squares first.  It’s all garter st, and increasing and decreasing, so mostly nice mindless knitting – perfect for a vacation!


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