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Not much happening here…

I keep thinking I’ll post an entry when I have something to write about, then nothing really happens.  So, do I write about nothing?

Here are some mitts for my favorite Panera Bread chick.  It was her birthday a few weeks ago, and I surprised her with them at work.  She sometimes slips me shortbread cookies and extra potato chips.

Here’s something completely different – Christopher has issues – he’s sucking his thumb holding onto a piece of Lion Brand Homespun yarn.

My Halloween socks, started when I felt particularly craptacular.  Hey, there’s nothing like new yarn when you don’t feel that hot, right?

Here’s a close up of the adorable little ghost-y faces!

They turned out rather cute, or at least the first one did.  I’m still working on the second one, but I have like a week.  Turned out I had about enough yarn to make it just the right length.  I had one ball of Paton’s something, Kroy I think, and thought it wasn’t quite enough to really make decent socks, so I remembered I still had some black leftover from some other socks, so I did the toe and heel in black, thinking that if I needed to, I’d also do the ribbing at the top in black.  I think they worked out great.  Now to just finish up the second one in time.

Speaking of Halloween, I also have to sew some jingle bells on a green t-shirt and some red sweats cause Russ wants to be a Christmas Elf for Halloween.  Oh, and I’m making him a hat out of red fleece that he wants to sort of lean to one side, and have a jingle bell on the end of that too.  I think I can fudge it without a pattern, and I think we’re gonna put some stuffing up in the hat to maintain its shape.   Patrick wants to be Frankenstein, and he already fringed his black shirt.  We have some old black sweats that already have a hole in the knee that we’re gonna fringe up as well, then afterwards I’ll cut them off and make them into shorts for next summer.    David has no idea what he wants to be, and I told him that perhaps that’s a sign that he’s getting too old to dress up for Halloween.  He’s 12, and fighting it.  I’m debating on letting him know that if he doesn’t go, I’ll still let him have some candy.


Something else completely off topic – I really really dislike all the political ads on tv all the time.  It’s bad enough that they’re on there, and they’re ALL lying right to our faces about what they’re promising to do or not to do, but at least I can mute it.  Hubby on the other hand, doesn’t come with a mute button.  And he has to make a comment about literally EVERY SINGLE ONE THAT COMES ON.


OK, rant over, I’m gonna go start laundry, take the baby for a walk, and then play with yarn.  Not nessecarily in that order.


Progress on the baby blanket

I finished up the first square last night!

Christopher already loves it.  That’s him there after his bath last night.  I don’t know what’s more impressive: his hair or his moobs.

2010 State Fair and vacation highlights

Ok, I lost a month in here somewhere.  We went on a Disney Cruise, among other things.  While we were gone, the Kansas State Fair happened.  I didn’t get to go at all, but a kind kind friend took my fair entries over there, entered them all for me, drove back a couple weeks later to pick them all up, and gave them back to me at knit night.  Here’s some highlights.

This was my entry into the Benefit Toy for under 3 years old.  I even stuck a jingle bell inside the stuffing, so it’s sort of a rattle.  It won 3rd place!  Public Rav link right here.

This was my entry in the Benefit Toy for over 3.  Can you guess what it is?

A picture of the back might help.

It’s a tooth fairy pillow!  It didn’t win a ribbon, but I know there’s some kid out there who’s gonna love it.  Public Rav link right here.

I started this eons ago and managed to finish it up in time too.

Here’s the ribbed collar close-up.

And this part I’m rather proud of.  Here’s the border close-up.  I did this one here, and I absolutely love how it turned out.

Here’s a pair of red socks I’d had on my queue almost forever.

The heel was very weird, and I don’t think I’ll do it again, but it does fit very well.

As for the cruise, the boys all had a fantastic time.  Castaway Cay is still the most awesome beach I’ve ever visited.  I let Christopher eat some Disney sand.  We went on a bike ride, and took some pictures that I’ll have to put up at some point.   It was there that I actually started Christopher’s baby blanket, and Steve, bless his heart, humored me by taking several pictures of me actually casting on and knitting the first stitch.

We stayed at the Treehouse Villa’s at Saratoga Springs resort afterwards, and wow is that amazing.   Our bathroom was so awesome that we took pictures of it.  Behind that partition there is a seat.  The shower and the tub are both enclosed in that area there, and it’s simply lovely.

I had brought with me a stupid amount of yarn and projects.  I honestly don’t know what sort of reality I think I live in when I’m packing up yarn and projects for a vacation.  I somehow think that vacations are going to be magical and I’m just amazingly going to have all this free time in which to knit or crochet or read or whatever.  I brought so much stuff that I’m even ashamed to admit how much I brought, but here’s a small sampling, along with notes on if I even looked at it or not:

  • Yarn purchased on my birthday for a very special person for a Christmas present.  I can’t go into more detail than that cause she might see it on here.  Let’s just say that the yarn never even came out of the package.
  • Tons of my cotton scraps to make some more bibs for Christopher.  Never happened.
  • Tons of acrylic scraps to make hamsterbeans for 2 of my nieces.  These not only happened, but both were huge hits.  This pattern was amazingly awesome, and I’ll will use it again and again.  My boys all want one too, as well as the niece I made the Minion for.

  • The socks I started for Christopher.  I remember working on them a little bit in the car, but the cruise and FL was so hot I was afraid the yarn was going to felt in my hands if I worked on it down there.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  • More yarn for socks for Christopher, for when I finished the other ones.  Cause I just knew I was going to finish the other ones.  Yeah.
  • Maureen’s shrug.  Never touched it.
  • Dulcie’s suede vest thing.  Never touched it.
  • Christopher’s baby blanket yarn.  Started it on Castaway Cay.

And that’s all I’m willing to admit to at this point.  Know how they have Friends of Bill?  I’m wondering if there’s something yarn related out there.  Not that I have a problem or anything.


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