Not much happening here…

I keep thinking I’ll post an entry when I have something to write about, then nothing really happens.  So, do I write about nothing?

Here are some mitts for my favorite Panera Bread chick.  It was her birthday a few weeks ago, and I surprised her with them at work.  She sometimes slips me shortbread cookies and extra potato chips.

Here’s something completely different – Christopher has issues – he’s sucking his thumb holding onto a piece of Lion Brand Homespun yarn.

My Halloween socks, started when I felt particularly craptacular.  Hey, there’s nothing like new yarn when you don’t feel that hot, right?

Here’s a close up of the adorable little ghost-y faces!

They turned out rather cute, or at least the first one did.  I’m still working on the second one, but I have like a week.  Turned out I had about enough yarn to make it just the right length.  I had one ball of Paton’s something, Kroy I think, and thought it wasn’t quite enough to really make decent socks, so I remembered I still had some black leftover from some other socks, so I did the toe and heel in black, thinking that if I needed to, I’d also do the ribbing at the top in black.  I think they worked out great.  Now to just finish up the second one in time.

Speaking of Halloween, I also have to sew some jingle bells on a green t-shirt and some red sweats cause Russ wants to be a Christmas Elf for Halloween.  Oh, and I’m making him a hat out of red fleece that he wants to sort of lean to one side, and have a jingle bell on the end of that too.  I think I can fudge it without a pattern, and I think we’re gonna put some stuffing up in the hat to maintain its shape.   Patrick wants to be Frankenstein, and he already fringed his black shirt.  We have some old black sweats that already have a hole in the knee that we’re gonna fringe up as well, then afterwards I’ll cut them off and make them into shorts for next summer.    David has no idea what he wants to be, and I told him that perhaps that’s a sign that he’s getting too old to dress up for Halloween.  He’s 12, and fighting it.  I’m debating on letting him know that if he doesn’t go, I’ll still let him have some candy.


Something else completely off topic – I really really dislike all the political ads on tv all the time.  It’s bad enough that they’re on there, and they’re ALL lying right to our faces about what they’re promising to do or not to do, but at least I can mute it.  Hubby on the other hand, doesn’t come with a mute button.  And he has to make a comment about literally EVERY SINGLE ONE THAT COMES ON.


OK, rant over, I’m gonna go start laundry, take the baby for a walk, and then play with yarn.  Not nessecarily in that order.


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