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Well, that didn’t go as I expected it to

Then again, lots of things don’t go the way I thought they would.  Sometimes that’s for the better.  Take for example the boy I was madly infatuated with when I was 16.  He dumped me the day after Valentine’s Day, right after he attended with my family, my induction into the National Honor Society.  Yes, I’m a nerd.  Wear it proudly.


I cried and cried and thought I’d never love again, never get married, never have kids, etc.  Oh, the teenage agnst.


Now I’m married to a wonderful (most of the time) amazing (in more ways than one) man, with 4 kids (never saw that one coming).  Sometimes things turn out better than I thought they would.


This morning, however, did not.  It got cold last night, and after I convinced kid #1 that he really did need to wear his winter coat and yes, a hat too, I began the process of getting him out the door.  I noticed then that the hat he was wearing was full of holes.  This is the hat I made him last year after he promptly lost the other hat I made him on the very first day he wore it.  He left this one sitting on the floor of his bedroom all summer long.  In a corner.  Where who knows what bugs got to it and ate it up.


Now, normally, there’d be several other hat choices for him to wear.  Again, this morning, that was not the case.  I don’t know what’s happened to them.  I’d swear that we have to have at least 15 or so hats that I’ve made over the years since we moved up here from FL, and for some reason, now it appears that there’s like 4.  And most of them are the littler ones I sized down to fit kid #3 who was only 2 when we moved.


#1 then announced that he’d wear the trilobite hat I made him last year during our Canadian trip.  Except that kid #2 wore that to school yesterday and left it there.   No one can find the orange-y red and white and turquoise one that #1 wore all the time last year – I’d be willing to bet that it’s laying in another corner of his room somewhere gathering dust and bugs.


So, instead of working on my lacy feather and fan socks, instead of working on Jim’s Christmas present, instead of working on Kristen’s Christmas present, instead of working on Kyle’s Christmas present, instead of working on the cushion I’m making to surprise the elementary school librarian for her awesome rocking chair, I’ll bet you can guess what I’m actually doing today.


Yep.  Hats.  It’s not what I thought I’d be doing today.


And laundry – there’s no escaping that.


That’s my life today.  And know what?  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.




Dulcie – don’t know if they get the internet up there, but I wanted to let you know I miss you.  I can’t believe it’s been a year since you left us.   Cancer sucks.


Halloween 2010

First and most importantly, I finished up my Boo socks in time for Halloween.  I did, however, completely forget to wear them, but I got a nap that afternoon, and all in all, isn’t that what really matters?

Here’s a great story about proper communication between parents.  Or rather, what not to do.  It started at the beginning of the year, when I went to one open house for kid #3 and signed for parent teacher conferences as well as which parties I’d bring snacks to, and then promptly forget what all I signed up for.  And  forgot to mention to hubby to check for me when he went to the open house for kid #2.  So he went ahead and signed up for parent teacher conference for EXACTLY THE SAME NIGHT AND TIME that I had signed up for.  What are the chances?

We didn’t realize this until both teachers sent home the reminder notes.  We were able to change one of them so that they were consecutive, but then the first one ran late, so hubby went over to the next one by himself.  Where, by the way, he went ahead and signed me up for treats for #2’s Halloween party, not realizing that I had already signed up for treats for #3’s party.  I try to spread myself around, so that I’m not having to make 40 or 50 of something at the same time.  Yeah, that worked out well.

So I thought, what can I make that’s easy enough to whip out 40 or so of them and still be Halloween-y?  Eyeballs on a stick was the answer.  Lollipop sticks stuck in a donut ball, dipped in melted almond bark, with a chocolate chip stuck in pointy side first for the pupil.  Here’s Patrick painting on some veins.

And Russell wanted to get in on the veins as well.

Patrick thought he’d better do a quality assurance control test.

As did Russell.

Here’s Russell working on his Halloween costume.  I bet you can’t tell what he was…

Can you tell that the elementary school parade was right at nap time?

Here we are the day before Halloween, getting into the guts of the pumpkins.  We had one bowl to save the seeds in, for roasting (yum) and the other to save the guts in, for, well, you’ll see.

Patrick had way too much fun.

Here he is with his finished jack-o-lantern, on a skateboard, wearing an old Buc’s hat.

This one is David’s finished one – a puking pumpkin.  I love having boys.

Luckily, Daddy got home about then, cause I had already cut up Patrick’s and David’s and my arms were exhausted.  So Daddy stepped up and did Russell’s.

Here’s the finished one – I think Russ did a great job drawing out the face.

For the first time, we let David go out trick or treating with his friends instead of staying with us.   He had some trouble deciding on a costume, but finally went as an accident victim.  That’s David on the right wearing the sling, the friend on the left wearing the fake blood I got for David to wear that he thought looked too real.

Here is the cutest Frankenstein ever.  He had to work on his scary face.

Here’s what Russell thought up – a Christmas Elf.  It doesn’t show, but there’s another jingle bell sewn to the top of his elf hat.  He didn’t want me to put any sort of white anything on the brim, I think he might have thought it looked too much like Santa.

Here’s the 2 of them together, after we asked Patrick to make a scary face.  It was so much fun taking them out trick or treating.  Patrick would say “Trick or Treat!”  and Russell would say “Merry Christmas!”

Looking closer at this picture, I think Russell was trying to make a scary face too.  Hmmm, a scary Christmas elf – now that’s more up Russell’s alley.


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