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Snuck myself in some new socks!

Ooooh aren’t they purty?  The yarn is from last Christmas, which my sister snuck in my Christmas tree and I didn’t even notice.

Considering what’s coming up next, you should be even more impressed, cause in between the socks, I did lots.

Found a really cool mitten pattern, and made these for whoever they fit, which right now all 3 of the boys are arguing over

When the boys seemingly misplaced all the hats I’ve knitted over the years, I whipped this one out in a little over a day.

Made another hat, but one boy left it at school on the day I remembered to get the camera from hubby, so that picture is lacking.  But trust me, it’s cool.  Also been doing lots of Christmas crafting, all of which I can’t show pictures of on here in case I’m being stalked.  And you know who you are.


Baby’s officially on the move now, so chasing him down and child-proofing as we go is sure fun.  I can’t unwedge the baby gate from the basement where it’s currently stuck between 2 ginormous boxes of books and stuff, so I’m blocking the stairs with a series of storage bins full of summer clothes.  It’s working quite well, plus I get the added benefit of laughing when I watch the older boys try to navigate their way over them without falling down the stairs.


I’m thinking at some point I’m going to have to start in with some Christmas baking, so we can give some cookies to the teachers.  And eat some.  But mostly give.  Really.  Stop laughing.  So far I’m thinking chocolate crinkles (those cocoa cookies you roll into balls and then roll in powdered sugar before you bake them), except I’m going to copy Panera Bread and add in some peppermint extract, my traditional sugar cookies (Mom’s recipe that you roll out, cut out, and decorate), some awesome chocolate peanut butter ones I discovered in a cookie cookbook my sister gave me for Christmas, snickerdoodles (the cinnamon sugar ones for those of you non-traditionalists), and possibly one other.  Any suggestions?



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