Why I’ll never go anywhere without my knitting

Had my first prenatal on Wed, which I was not thrilled about as I know I have high blood pressure, and now being over 40 and pregnant; those put me in a whole category of medical anomalies.  No matter that I’ve successfully carried 4 babies to term, birthed them all fine, no problems with any pregnancies or labors or births, but no, now all of a sudden I’m something special to be studied and watched, and the thing that bothers me most about doctors: managed.

At my appt, as I suspected, I had quite high blood pressure.  Like in the 180’s over 100.  Which I’ve had before.  MANY times.  And I’ve not had a stroke or a seizure.  For those of you worried, this is NOT pre-eclampsia.  I have no other symptoms that would lead any dr with any common sense to think that.  That being said, however, my new ob wanted me to see a perinatalogist to “help” manage my blood pressure.

Little did I know that that definition of “help” would come to include a 3 day stay in the hospital sprung on me upon my arrival there.  Also a conversation with a very belittling condescending perinatalogist including the words “Oh, I have bad news for you honey, you’re going to be staying a while.”

Explain to me please how springing that news on me is supposed to be “helping” to manage my blood pressure.  You don’t even want to know what it was at that point.  I don’t even want to know what it was at that point, cause I was honestly about to blow.

But what hurts the most is that the people I trusted to do right by me completely abandoned me as well as agreed with what I was being forced into doing.  Yes, I know my blood pressure was high, but I saw (and still do see) NO REASON WHATSOEVER why most of the things could not have been accomplished at home.  But no, I was coerced and bullied to stay in the hospital overnight.  Which turned into another night.  By Friday morning I was ready for a fight or to just check myself out under diress.

Luckily by then, the other perinatalogist thought that by then I could manage at home, so around lunchtime on Friday I was released with a prescription and instructions to check my bp a couple times a day.  Which, by the way, I had offered to do on Wed.  But that wasn’t good enough for them at that point.  What changed between Wednesday and Friday?

They made me do a 24 hour urine collection (to test for protein in my urine – a common sign of pre-eclampsia), also drew several vials of blood to test for all sorts of things, and had me on the belt fetal heart monitor for 24 hours, including overnight, and went ahead and started me on the prescription for the bp medication.

The 24 hour collection could have been done at home.  The blood draws could have been done in an office visit or a visit to the lab.  The 24 hour fetal heart monitor was just complete overkill and used as the means to keep my in bed and immobilized.  There were NEVER any signs the baby was in distress – normal heart tones, normal movement, normal size according to the ultrasound given to me by Dr. Condescending within a few hours of me being admitted.  I understand they were unsure of what dosage to give me with the prescription, but since I was monitoing my bp at home, I could have called in my readings at whatever times they wanted and they could have let me know to increase the dosage at that point.  Expecially seeing as how they kept me at the same dosage until Friday morning at which point they told me to increase it and let me go home.  Why couldn’t that have been done the day before after a day of monitoring my bp at home?

Know what I found out after my 24 hour urine test thing?  That I most definitely do not have pre-eclapmsia – the blood test told them that.  So why again was I forced to do the urine test when the bloodwork told them the answer they needed?

Here’s what I’ve learned from this:

1. If I had not had my knitting with me going into what I thought was a consultation, I would have killed someone.  Perhaps more than one person.

2. You can sure get a lot of knitting done while you’re trying really hard to think of reasons not to kill someone.  Or hurt them very very badly.  Or sue them.

3.  I pretty much trust NO ONE now.


2 Responses to “Why I’ll never go anywhere without my knitting”

  1. 1 Laura January 29, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    Ugh. I am so sorry to hear this. 😦 I’m glad you’re home with your family now. Try to relax and enjoy the baby.

  2. 2 Kim Mears January 29, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    Oh, I am so sorry you had to go through that! I am glad that you had your knitting!

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