Shute Colonial America Tour of 2011 Itinerary

I thought I’d start the vacation entries with the itinerary.  As I get time, I plan on actually writing more detailed blog posts about some of the days, at which point I’ll put in links to that post as well as links to some of the historical sites.  At the time of posting, I have very few links up, so I apologize for that now.  Check back in a few days and I may have something up.

So then, here goes.  The original plan is in normal type, what we actually did on that day if different is in bold.  Feel free to laugh at what we thought we’d do.

Day 1 – Thursday the 9th– Driving day to IL.   Got into Montgomery about 2AM – dropped off the kids at PoPo’s and arrived at our hotel in Naperville about 2:30.

Day 2 – Friday the 10th– AM – hang out at Dad’s.  PM – drive to KOA in Streetsboro, Ohio.

Day 3 – Saturday the 11th – Driving day to Vacation Villas at the Berkshires resort in W. Massachusetts.

Day 4 – Sunday the 12th– Rest day (laundry?)  My sick day

Day 5 – Monday the 13th – short trip to Vermont/Bennington Battlefield.

Day 6 – Tuesday the 14th – drive up to Boston, see Salem and walk 1/2 of the Freedom Trail.  I was still feeling slightly icky and didn’t want to over-do it, so we left later than planned and only got a chance to go to Concord Bridge.

Day 7 – Wednesday the 15th – still in Boston, other half of the Freedom Trail, Plymouth, and return to Berkshires for the night.  Walked the entire Freedom Trail.  I was feeling way better this day.

Day 8 – Thursday the 16th – at the villas, rest/laundry day.   Stayed around the resort – Steve took the kids to the swimming pool for a while so that I could get some rest after the exhausting day yesterday.

Day 9 – Friday the 17th – at villas, short trip to Albany.   Went to the top of Mount Greylock (highest point in Mass), then took a trip into Vermont to go yarn hunting at a local yarn shop.

Day 10 – Saturday the 18th – drive to Valley Forge via Morristown National Historical Park and Philly.   At Patrick’s passionate request, stopped at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, NJ (of “Cake Boss” fame) on the way!

Day 11 – Sunday the 19th – Valley Forge, Philly, travel to Williamsburg / Greensprings Vacation Resort.

Day 12 – Monday the 20th – at resort, laundry, tour of colonial settlement? Stayed at resort.

Day 13 – Tuesday the 21st – Drive to DC, Smithsonian museums, spend the night in DC.

Day 14 – Wednesday the 22nd – DC monuments/memorials, Capitol, Nat’l Archives, Library of Congress?

Day 15 – Thursday the 23rd – Our 20th Anniversary!  Mt Vernon or Monticello?   Went to Jamestown Settlement instead – made the decision to hold off on Monticello until Sunday.

Day 16 – Friday the 24th – Jamestown/Yorktown?   Neither – we went to Colonial Williamsburg for our first day there.

Day 17 – Saturday the 25th – rest day/laundry.   Yorktown, plus Day 2 at Williamsburg (and a stop to pick up some soap and a William & Mary T-Shirt) – we were all about ready for the vacation to end at this point.

Day 18 – Sunday the 26th – Check out of Greensprings, drive to KOA Natural Bridge, VA.  And a pretty awesome stop at Monticello in between.

Day 19 – Monday the 27th – Leave VA, drive home.   16 straight hours.  Oh joy.


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