2011 Vacation Details, Days 1 and 2

So, per what is now the norm for this family, and it drives me nuts, but I can’t seem to get it under control either, we left late.  Waaaaaaaaaaaay late.  Steve had been trying to leave work early, but also didn’t want to leave the new guy hung out in the wind.  He got home around 5 maybe, and since the boys and I had everything waiting by the door, Steve super-quickly attached the car-top carrier, threw his clothes in a bag, and started loading up the car.  We left by about 6 pm.

No worries though – we only needed to make it to the outskirts of Chicago.  That’s 8 hours, folks.  I had asked my dad if he could take the older 3 boys for the night so that we could only get 1 hotel room, and he said sure.  I called him to let him know that we’d be getting in at crap o’clock so that he could go to bed early and sleep for a little while before they came, but he said he’d wait up.

We got to Dad’s about 2 am, and bless his heart, he walked right out to meet us.  I had a small overnight bag packed with a change of clothes and swim trunks for the boys, so they took that in and we were off.  Our hotel was only 15 or 20 minutes away, so we were checked in my 2:30 and we both passed out.  Thankfully, our hotel already had the crib in the room and it was set up so we just stuck Christopher right in there with his fuzzy blankets and Scout and he was gone.  Nathan slept fairly well, and I ended up waking up in a puddle of leaked milk because of it.  Good times.

Chris woke up around 7 maybe, and I had just fed Nathan, so I took Chris down to the lobby area where the free breakfast stuff was so that Steve could sleep a little longer.  We stayed down there for quite a while, me thinking he could use all the sleep he could get, and I came back up to the room to find Nate screaming in Steve’s arms.  So much for sleep.  I took Nate and Steve ran down to get breakfast for himself, then we checked out and ran over to Woodman’s for some provisions.

We wanted to grab some of this Kettlemania stuff we can’t get in our stores anymore, and some Aerobars, and of course I forgot to pack my shampoo, conditioner, and toothbrush.  I packed toothpaste, but no toothbrush.  We got over to my dad’s about 11, and stayed until about 2.

My sister and her hubs came over as well.  A couple days before, they had to have one of their cats put to sleep.  The cats had been part of their family for 16+ years, and my sister was taking it really hard.  So, through a non-discussed mutually agreed upon sister telepathy thing, I didn’t mention a thing.  She looked like if I said anything, she’d burst into tears.  So I just gave her Nathan and let her bathe in the baby snuggles.  It helped I think.

By the time we were getting ready to leave, I developed a raging headache.  I thought it was just not getting very much sleep the night before, possibly not drinking enough water, something that I would be able to fix easily.   By the time we got to the KOA in Ohio, it was so way worse.  And I was coughing.

I got the sheets out and had the boys make up their beds, and David starts freaking out cause there’s a WASP.  It was all I could do not to completely break down.  Russ is allergic to bee stings, but this one was nothing to be feared.  It was barely flying, like someone had sprayed bug killer in the cabin already.  Chris ended up stepping on it and killing it.  That’s my boy.

At some point Steve went out to a store to get me some Zicam stuff and some other provisions for breakfast, and by the time he got back, the boys were all in bed.  I tossed and turned all night and kept waking up either soaked in sweat or shivering like mad.  And that was just the beginning of the vacation.


To be continued…


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