2011 Vacation Details, Day 3, 4, and part of 5

So, when I left off, I was alternating between hot sweaty flashes and shivering chills at the cabin at KOA.  Other than that, it was a nice cabin.  Could have used a slightly thicker mattress pad thing though.  But that’ s just me.

I forgot to include these pictures of the boys making their beds.

That’s David up there making Patrick’s bed for him.  And below is Russ making his own.  We had a pack and play thing for Chris and a little foldable bed for Nate.

I woke up feeling halfways alright, considering I hadn’t slept well at all.  Silly me, I thought I was through the worst of it.

Everyone else got up that next morning and ate breakfast outside at the little picnic table in the cabin’s front yard.  Christopher ended up falling through and banged one side of his head on the side of the table, then the other side of his head on the seat part as he fell through.  He was not at all pleased.

We loaded up the car and took off for the Berkshires.  Most of the rest of the day is sort of a blur.  I had remembered that it was WWKIP day, and one of the sock forums I belong to on Ravelry was doing a WWKIP Day Scavenger Hunt.  I participated last year, and it was quite fun.  The point is to knit on a sock during the day, and take pictures of your sock doing things or in certain situations, and you get points.  Steve offered to make a little detour up to Niagara Falls, since one of the big point-getters was to get a pic of your sock with a well-known internationally-recognizable landmark.  I just was feeling so icky by that point that I just wanted to get to the resort.  Steve keep saying, “Are you sure you don’t want to go to get a picture?”  I finally convinced him that I didn’t care, as I hadn’t even started a sock for that day yet.  You got points for actually starting that day as well, so I had waited.  I thought that if I felt better, we’d get some pics at the resort, and submit those.

Turns out we got to the resort just before some rain hit, and Nathan was hungry, so I went inside with him and fed him while the big boys ran back and forth unloading the entire car.  They finished up literally just before the storm came through.  We hadn’t had a chance to stop anywhere for groceries yet, so we thought it’d be best to order out some food.  At this point the boys were starving hungry, I had the chills so bad I was sitting on a chair, wearing a sweater jacket I brought, and was still shivering.  Steve brought me a blanket, and I was still shivering.

The pizza place we had a brochure for offered a little bit of everything, so he got a pizza for the boys, a lasagne for him, and I got a cheese calzone and a bowl of French onion soup, thinking that the broth would warm me up.  Steve ran out real quick to go pick it up, and it was good.  I could only eat about 1/2 the bowl of soup though.  The boys inhaled the pizza, Steve ate about 1/2 his ginormous lasagne, and my entire calzone went in the fridge for later.  And we all went to bed.

The next morning, Day 4 of the vacation, I woke up feeling like death.  I just felt awful – shivering, a fever of 102 (I took my temp at some point, using the thermometer I brought in case one of the kids got sick – ha!), sweats, chills, thirsty, but the gatorade made me throw up.  It was too sicky sweet.  Most of the day was a blur.  I didn’t leave the bed but to go to the bathroom a few times.  Steve would bring Nate in to me to feed, I’d nurse him, and Steve would take him back out again.  At some point, he got Chris down for a nap, and took the older boys out to get some groceries, leaving Nate on the bed so I could reach him if he woke up.

A while later, he came home with the groceries, and then went on to fix supper for us all.  By suppertime, I managed to eat for the first time that day: about 3 bites of chicken, 1/2 of  a new red potato, and 1 baby carrot.  Then I went back to bed.

Turns out the boys had pretty much spent the day watching a Cake Boss marathon.  This information will explain what happened on day 10.  What a fun way to start your summer vacation, right?

By Monday, day 5, I started to feel human again, except for a little case of cabin fever.  I wanted to go somewhere, but no where that would involve me seeing anyone, cause I wasn’t in the mood to put any make up on.  And I’m one of those girls who takes about 2 1/2 minutes to do my makeup too.  Steve suggested we go to this yarn shop he found.  I said no.

Read that again.  I said no to yarn shopping.  I think that’s perhaps when how sick I was really hit him.  Not that he thought I was faking or anything, but dang, how sick do I have to be to not want to go yarn shopping?

Here’s 2 pictures of where we ended up going.  See if you can figure out where we went.  No cheating by looking back at the itinerary either.

The next post will give you the answer…


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