2011 Vacation, Days 5 and 6

I think perhaps the clue was too obscure.  Is this one maybe easier?

The first pic at the end of the last post was taken at the Bennington Monument.  The last picture and this sign are at the Bennington Battlefield.  Two different places, in two different states actually.  The Battle of Bennington was fought over a storehouse of weapons and supplies in Bennington, Vermont.   The English soldiers found out about it, and thought they had better take control of it.  The Americans thought differently, and met up with them about 10 miles west of Bennington, in New York near Walloomsac.  Our forces were mostly militia and a group you may have heard of called the Green Mountain Boys.  We won, and won hard.

The boys had quite a time running all around the battlefield.  Chris did not much like the downhill part:

Since I was still sort of recovering, that was all we did that day.  We drove back to the resort, and started getting ready for the next day.

Day 6 we mostly packed and drove to Boston.  Our original plan was to leave fairly early, and get there with enough time to see Salem, the Concord Bridge, and walk about 1/2 the Freedom Trail.  As I was moving really slowly and still not wanting to quite overdo it, we got to Boston with just a little bit of daylight left, and only really had time for the bridge.

We drove out there, parked, and discovered 2 very cool things.  First, just about the best climbing tree EVER:

And secondly, it was chilly.  Quite chilly.  Nathan got to try on the hat his Auntie made him out of leftovers from his blanket, which I still need to take pics of and post on here, but that’s another post entirely.

The Park was pretty cool.  I’m ashamed to admit at first I didn’t realize what the big deal was.   I took a chance and asked Steve what the bridge was, and hoped he wouldn’t go into one of his looooooooooooooong explanations.

I was lucky.  He briefly told me it was the site of “The Shot Heard Round the World” and where the first battle of the Revolutionary War took place.   “Oh, THAT bridge,” I replied.  I should have waited, ’cause this was right before the bridge (you can click on the pic to embiggen it):

The bridge itself was not that much to look at.

On the other side of the bridge though, is this:

Here’s a close-up (again, embiggen it to read):

And this:

I thought that was rather cool.

At that point, we were all getting rather hungry, and my appetite was finally returning, so we found someplace to eat, and headed back to our hotel in Boston, which was amazing, and got rested up for the next day.  Freedom Trail, here we come!

PS. – One quick note about the hotel we stayed at – it was quite modern and hip.  Very hip.  Dork that I am, I pretty much feel out of place almost anywhere I go, so perhaps you can imagine, if you click on the hotel link, how uphip I felt in there with all those 20-somethings.  That said, the rooms were awesome, the front desk folks were very helpful, and the stay was all in all very nice.  I’d totally stay there again.  But what happened was odd none the less.

At bedtime we realized that we had left a few things in the car, so I sent David down there with the keys (to get away from his brothers for a few minutes) to retrieve Christopher’s Scout and the toothbrushes.  He came back up with a weird look on his face.  I asked him if there was anything wrong, and he brushed it off.  Then we realized that we forgot something else, one of Christopher’s fuzzy blankets, so this time I went down to get it.

Now, click on that hotel link again and look at the pics of the night time lounge.  Imagine that filled with loud music, lots of people drinking pretty drinks, and me, carrying a fuzzy blanket through there.   Yeah, real hip.  If there’s one thing less hip than carrying a fuzzy blanket through a bar/lounge, it’d be if you were a 13 year old boy carrying a toothbrush and a stuffed animal through a bar/lounge.

I went and apologized to David.  Poor kid.


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