Not some pictures

If I could get the downstairs computer to work, here’s where I’d be showing you pictures of some of the things I knitted for Christmas.  Also, there’s the small problem of I was so sick I completely forgot to take pictures of most of the things before I wrapped them.  I actually remember thinking at the time, “Oh, it’s ok – I’ll just take pictures when the person opens it, and puts it on/plays with it, etc.”


In other news, I at least finished some things.  A pair of lounge pants for Christopher,  and a hat for David that’s almost done.  Assuming the boys cooperate and take at least part of their naps at the same time, I can do the decrease rounds on that real quick and be done.  Just in time too – it’s finally supposed to snow this evening!


Actually, as I go through my projects on Ravelry, I see there are quite a few that I don’t have pictures for.  I’m thinking perhaps  photo shoot is in order.  I bet if I ask the right boy with the right bribery, I can get one of them to do it for me.  Now to just print off a list of what all I need pictures of.  And make some brownies.  Brownies make excellent bribery material, or so I hear.  Not that I’ve even done that or anything.


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