One month in…

…and – big surprise – not that much to show for it.   Here’s my goals, and my (lack of) progress so far.

1.) New Christmas stockings for the boys – let them pick out their colors for the body and the trim. These will be fairly plain – I’m not going all out and doing fair isle or any of that.  I may even crochet them for speed.  We’ll see.  The closest I’ve come to working on this was to do a pattern search on Ravelry.  I didn’t even queue anything. 

2.) Cross stitch one tea towel from that collection I bought 3 or 4 kids ago.  Haven’t even dug them out from wherever they are in the basement.

3.) Work on Steve’s Bucs blanket for at least 1 hour every month.  Nothing.  Wait, I think once I opened up the basket where it’s all stored.  Does that count?

4.) Finish up Maureen’s big black shrug.  She’s been way too patient.  Again, nothing at all.

5.) Ditto Dulcie’s scarf that matches the hat I already made her.  Haven’t even located the rest of the yarn, somewhere down in the basement.

6.) Start one of my sweaters.  Whenever I want to start something for myself, I seem to always make socks.  Not that I don’t love my socks, but dang.  I actually even have the yarn for like 3 or 4 of them at least, but I just wait and wait.  Now, this, I have started.  I’m alternating between ashamed that I’ve put myself first, and happy that the sweater is turning out rather pretty.  More on that at the end.

7.) Finish Kristi’s purple socks.  Actually working on this one.  Win!

8.) Start some Christmas presents during the year, instead of waiting until December.  D’uh.  Not actually started on this, but I have, however, decided to slightly modify it to include all sorts of gifts: baby things, little toys for birthdays, etc.

OK then, mostly not so good on the goals.  I am making progress, which is good considering that I’m also trying to do laundry (2 loads a day, excepting Sunday), washing dishes, cooking meals, nursing the baby, etc etc etc.

So the sweater.  I don’t remember exactly how I found this, but I noticed someone else’s version of this Sunkist, and they had made it into a scooped neck pullover.  And they had used about the yardage I had in this Noro Kochoran stuff that Steve’s mom bought me YEARS ago at the Lamb Shoppe in Denver.  Thankfully, the person wrote down really good notes on what they did, and I totally copied.  Up to a point, though.  She did a rolled edge at the bottom, and I want something else.  I’ll figure that out later.  This picture was taken about a week or so ago, I’m actually a little further along now, about to the hippage area.

I do like it a lot though.  I think it may work out that I won’t have to wear a shirt underneath.  We’ll see.

Next up is something I finished up for one of Steve’s friends who just had a baby girl.  I offered to make them something, and they asked for one of those baby sacques.  I put a little different twist on it though.

Not your normal princess/butterfly/heart/girly stuff.  But they like it. They’re gonna get me a picture of it in action later on.

Oh yes, Russ’ hat.  This was the yarn he dyed a few years ago, and finally decided he wanted a hat.  He paged through my queue on Ravelry, and picked out this one called Gehry.  I made the hat, and he misplaced it.

David found it a couple weeks ago.  Outside in the back yard.  It had been a little faded by the sun, apparently.  I told Russ if he wanted to, we could always re-dye it with some more Koolaid this summer.

And I also finished up a pair of lounge pants for Chris.  I made the legs long, so he’d be able to wear them for a couple of years hopefully.

He’s dancing in this picture, to music only he can hear.  At least that’s what I think he’s doing.  Or maybe he’s pooping.  Either way, good picture.

More later.


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