Just another Manic Monday

Nate let me sleep in until 6:40.
My alarm went off at 6:45.
I couldn’t reach it cause I was nursing him.
Steve was in the bathroom.
He came rushing out to shut it off for me.
David “forgot” to pack a sandwich in his lunch.
He had cheetos, strawberries, and a brownie.
I made him take a banana too.
I fixed and packed Russ’ and Patrick’s sandwiches.
I toasted toaster waffles for Russ, Nathan, and Christopher.
Russ and Patrick too the recycling out to the curb on their way to the bus stop.
I loaded up the dishwasher and let Chris put the soap thing in it.
That’s our next to last dishwasher soap.
I add dishwasher soap to the grocery list.
I let Chris vacuum until the dustbuster ran out of batteries so I’d have enough time to gather the laundry without a shadow.
Chris meets me at the bottom of the stairs “run owa baaaa-reees”
I put soap and bleach and softener in wash and let Chris load up the clothes.
Add bleach and fabric softener to the list.
How’d I run out of bleach, dishwasher soap, and fabric softener all on the same day?
I vacuum for real while Chris puts all the laundry in on the same side in one big pile.
Decide to play with new steam mop – it’s really cool.
Part of my floor’s not sticky.
Got Nathan down for nap.
Played with Chris for a  while to let Nathan settle down.
Got Chris down for a nap.
Hung bleaches outside on line.
Ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast (10:30)
Mopped some more with new mop.
Read directions on mop – turns out that “holder” that Steve mentioned is actually a carpet glider.  I can steam freshen the carpets.  Cool.
Decide to knit a while.
Take out new summery top I’m working on and think I should try it on, cause it’s a bottom up one and it looks a little big.
Are my hips really that big?  I’m getting gauge and I did the size I should for my size hips, and it’s HUUUUGGGGEEEE.
Whew. My hips aren’t that big.
Dang it.  Now I have to frog.  A whole bunch.
And re-cast on a smaller number.
Like 2 sizes smaller.
No,  I’m not shrinking.
I think perhaps my yarn is stretchier than the one she used in the pattern.

Great, the boys are up now.

How’s your morning going?


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