New Year’s Eve Snowfall Pictures

Ok, so we didn’t have a White Christmas.  Which was ok, cause I wouldn’t have been able to smell it anyway.  I got the worst sinus infection, and the day before Christmas I realized that I COULDN’T SMELL ANYTHING.  I went all jazz hands and tried to smell ALL THE THINGS, and there was nothing.  No pine-scented candles, no baby head, no poopy diaper (ok, so that wasn’t so bad), but the worst part?  I couldn’t smell my mom’s sugar cookies.  It was horrible.  It almost ruined Christmas.  Almost.  But it didn’t.  Christmas pictures will be in a couple of days, or maybe even later today if I get all inspired.  But for now, we’re gonna go backwards.

Today’s 12-31-12, and it snowed.  It’s still snowing.  This is quite possibly the best New Year’s Eve ever.  I can smell the snow.  The boys played outside for well over an hour, and no one cried.  David only came in cause the 3rd layer of snowman fell apart when he tried to put it on top, and he needed a break.   Here’s some pics of layer #1, and random snow pics of my backyard.

David as King of the Mountain:

December 2012 074.5

Patrick as King of the Mountain or the top of a snowman:

December 2012 090.5

Russell as King of the Mountain:

December 2012 084.5

I told them to jump off, and managed to get these cool shots:

December 2012 075.5

December 2012 091.5

December 2012 086.5

Someone even built Chris a mini-snowman, and he tried to add on another head or something…

December 2012 079.5

December 2012 080.5

Here’s the second layer of snowman:

December 2012 092.5

And here’s the back ramp/stairs that David built to get it up there:

December 2012 093.5

My little engineer.  Snort.  Little my aunt fanny.  He’s gonna be 15 in 21 days, and he’s already 5′ 7 1/2″.  I think my dad’s 5′ 6″.  Nevermind that.  I’ll just focus on all of them wearing hats and mittens that I knit.  Cause I’m awesome.

Next up…Russell’s birthday, Christmas, cookie decorating, and Thanksgiving pictures.  Most likely in that order.


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