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2 1/2 Years in the Making

Wait, longer than that.  Well, let’s just include the knitting/crocheting time, not the summer when the boys and I actually dyed the yarn.  CHRISTOPHER’S BABY BLANKET IS FINALLY FINISHED!!!!!!!!  And, the coolest part is – I finished it up in the same place I started it – Disney’s private island Castaway Cay.  We went on a DVC member’s cruise last week, just like the one back in September of 2010, and I knew I was almost done, so the blanket came with us to the beach.

Once again, Steve humored me by taking a few pictures of me finishing it up.

Disney Vacation and Cruise, January 2013 151.5

Funny thing – the ball rolled towards the water, and I was all “Steve, get a picture of that – it’s hilarious!  I bet there’s never been a ball of yarn on Castaway Cay’s beach before!”

Disney Vacation and Cruise, January 2013 152.5

Steve was all “It’s alright everyone – IT’S SUPERWASH.”

Disney Vacation and Cruise, January 2013 153.5

And here I am, blanket complete.  Then Steve went and bought me a pina colada.  Well, 2 of them actually.

Disney Vacation and Cruise, January 2013 156.5

And for those of you reminiscing, here’s the start of the blanket:

Summer 2010 pictures 072.5


Now, what am I going to do for Nathan’s baby blanket?


I have a 9 year old!

So, in keeping with the backwards fashion, the thing that happened before the New Year’s Eve snowfall was Russell’s 9th birthday.  He picked out a strawberry-flavored cake, and then wanted cherry frosting.  Um, ok then.

Here’s the birthday boy and Daddy sticking the candles on.  And yes, we’re still in pj’s.

December 2012 069.5


Look at that smile – isn’t he gorgeous?

December 2012 070.5

And the blow-out:

December 2012 071.5

I completely forgot to get any pictures of him opening up presents, so that’s it.  Stay tuned for Christmas…


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