Updated version of Saturday

Changes in Bold. 


7:06 am – wake up to screams of “Mommy!!!!!!!!”

8:45 – drop David off at the high school for a dodge-ball tourney

10:30 – leave the house again for Patrick’s soccer game at 11

Noon – pick up lunch at McD’s

1 pm – put Nathan and Chris down for naps

1:10 – sit at the computer for a few minutes to jot down rest of schedule for the day

1:13 – hear Nathan yelling; go settle him in again

1:45 – leave the house again for Russell’s soccer game at 2:15

2:05 – Arrive at soccer game to find that Russ has brought the wrong jersey, and have to drive back home to get it.

2:45 – Get back onto interstate to see big wreck, and have to pull over 2 times to let rescue vehicles pass by.

3:00 – Get to soccer game and watch Russ play the second half.

2:45 – stop at Hy-Vee on the way home to take advantage of sale ad stuff

3:30 – Game ends late, and also running out of gas due to extra trip back home.  Stop for gas and then on to Hy-Vee

4 – start dinner – taco’s

4:30 – Get home to realize that I never loaded up the dishwasher, so I don’t have a big pot to cook the taco meat in.  Figures.

7 pm – start baths/showers for whoever needs them.

7:45 pm – take David over to friend’s house.

8 pm – put Chris and Nathan in bed.

8:30 – put Patrick and Russ in bed.

11 pm – go pick up David from friend’s house.

11:15 – Collapse in bed, and try to focus on getting everybody up and ready for church in the morning.  Oh, and Russ has another soccer game.  Right after church.

Somewhere in there remind myself that it is truly a blessing to have kids who want to be so active, and to not project my “need to be a hermit all the time” introvert-ness  on them


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