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22 years ago…

…at this very moment, I was just so happy.  We had just been married, and I never imagined that 22 years from then I’d still be so happy.  And here’s why:

1.  Remember when we got married?  And I was crying/blubbering through  my vows?  You didn’t look at the crowd and roll your eyes, as if to say “Can you believe this?”  All you did was look at me with such love and encouragement in your eyes, and I love you for that.

2.  That time 2 days into our honeymoon, in Atlanta, on the drive down to DisneyWorld, when I woke up with a horrible sore throat, and you got me breakfast in bed.  Hot tea and toast has never tasted so good.  I love you for that.

3.  That time on the way home from our honeymoon, that drive through the mountains to Gatlinburg.  At night.  In the rain.  And I got motion sickness so bad I couldn’t sleep on the waterbed that was in our honeymoon suite, so you fixed me a place on the floor to sleep, and didn’t make fun of me at all, but instead made sure you held my hand until I fell asleep.  I love you for that.

4.  That time a few months after my mom died, I remember we were going to go see a movie.  And I was just so upset and sad.  And you just took me to a book store instead, where I found that book Motherless Daughters, which told me that what I was feeling was normal and ok.  I love you for that.

5.  Remember when we decided it was time to have kids?  I was supposed to take my pill that morning, and didn’t?  And then later, after some, uh, “morning snuggles”, we went out to breakfast, and realized it was Mother’s Day?  And the waitress asked if I was a mother, and you were all, “Well, you might be…”  I love you for that.

6.  Remember how when I was pregnant with David, I was all, “I do NOT want to you look down there while I’m pushing the baby out”.  I thought you’d be, oh, I don’t know, traumatized or something, seeing me all stretched out like that.  And how you snuck a look anyway?  And then you were all, “It’s just fascinating!”  I love you for that.

7.  Remember that Valentine’s Day just before Patrick was born, and I was sooooo pregnant, and the JoyFM was having that concert, and we went, and you made me feel so beautiful that night?  I love you for that.

8.  Remember our anniversary just after Patrick was born?  It was on a Sunday, and we drove out to Fort Pierce, to have our friend Pastor Steve renew our vows for us?  And I wore my nursing dress, and it was just you and me and David and little bitty Patrick, and Pastor Steve.  And then we went out to lunch.  I love you for that.  (and I’m still thinking we should plan a bigger bash one of these anniversary days…)

9.  Remember building our dream house in FL?  All the planning, and re-drawing of the plans, and stuff.  I will never forget seeing those alternate house plans with the L-shaped staircase, and going “It’s the staircase from 7th Heaven!”  And you were all, “Well, then, that settles it.  We’ll go with those then.”  I love you for that.

10.  Remember when I was laboring with Patrick at the birth center, and you were all, “You can do this!”  I love you for that.

11.  Remember when Russ was born, and we thought/hoped/prayed that he’d be a girl?  And then he came out with a penis?  I will never forget that look on your face as you caught him, and handed him up to me.  And I looked at your face, and just knew.  That look said, “Oh, hon, it’s not a girl…but he’s still really really awesome!”  And I looked at that little screaming face, and fell in love.  With both of you.  I love that you were kind of sort of sorry, but then again, not.

13.  Remember when I was in labor with Christopher and those nurses were threatening me with interventions, and you convinced them to not only leave me alone for a little while, but also to “let” me get on my hands and knees to help bring the baby down?  I love you for that.

14.  And also when I was so worried about David, Patrick, and Russell since the stupid hospital didn’t allow kids in the labor room, and you kept going out to check on them for me?  I love you for that.

15.  Remember when Nathan was born, and you yelped out with joy “It’s a BOY!”  I love you for that.

16.  Know how you always give me back/shoulder rubs when something hurts?  I love you for that.

17.  Know how sometimes the back/shoulder rubs are just simple massages, and sometimes they have “benefits”?  I love you for that.

18.  The fact that you notice and even search out yarn stores when you’re away from home, and bring me yarn presents?  I love you for that.

19.  You pretty much always call me when you’re on your way home from somewhere, just to see if I need you to stop at the store and get something.  I love you for that.

20.  That you don’t just think my knitting/crocheting is cute; you’re  proud and amazed by it to the point that you’ll brag on me when I’m making or wearing something I’ve made.  I love you for that.

21.  That you sing to me, and make me tear up.  I love you for that.

22.  That even when our anniversary doesn’t turn out like you thought, you still give me just what I need.  Thanks for the PeptoBismul.  I love you for that.


Happy Anniversary, hon!  I can’t wait to think up 22 more!


Things I Learned This Week

…sub-titled Why I Will Never Go Anywhere Without Baby Wipes.  Ever.

If you leave a brand new little packet/bowl thing of honey mustard dipping sauce in that space in your door handle long enough, it will smush open all over your hand and door when you least expect it.

Honey mustard dipping sauce smells really really strong.  Even after the baby wipes.

Russell will clean all the sauce out of that space in the door handle, as well as wiping off all the spare change in there, for the small fee of all the spare change in there.

Except for the vacuum token for the car wash place.  He says we can keep that coin.


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