Jim’s Toe Warmer Socks

This started out as a joke.  My sister was telling me her husband kept complaining his toes were cold.  She’d tell him to go put on some socks or slippers.  He’s answer that his foot wasn’t cold, just his toes.  And then she tells me, “Wouldn’t it be funny if you could make him some socks that only cover his toes?”   So I did.  And he loves them.  And in case there’s any other cold toed folks out there, I’m sharing the pattern with you.  I present: 007 Jim’s Toe Warmer Socks I used Bernat Denim Style; you can use whatever worsted/aran weight yarn you’d like. Cast on 20 st with size 8’s, then divide onto 2 needles by slipping them alternately onto each one; 1 st onto the back, then 1 st onto the front, and so on – 10 on each needle. Knit 1 round even. Increase 4 st this round by Kf&b into the 1st st and last st on each needle. Knit 1 round even. Increase every other round until 40 st total. Knit even for as many rounds as will reach the ball of the foot of the intended victim.  I stopped at 30 rounds from cast on as my sister measured his toe to ball for me at about 5 inches. At that point, I switched colors to blue and size 6’s and knit ribbing for 8 rounds. Bind off on rnd 9.  If you’d rather, keep the ribbing the same color.   JimsToeWarmers


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