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Jim’s Toe Warmer Socks

This started out as a joke.  My sister was telling me her husband kept complaining his toes were cold.  She’d tell him to go put on some socks or slippers.  He’s answer that his foot wasn’t cold, just his toes.  And then she tells me, “Wouldn’t it be funny if you could make him some socks that only cover his toes?”   So I did.  And he loves them.  And in case there’s any other cold toed folks out there, I’m sharing the pattern with you.  I present: 007 Jim’s Toe Warmer Socks I used Bernat Denim Style; you can use whatever worsted/aran weight yarn you’d like. Cast on 20 st with size 8’s, then divide onto 2 needles by slipping them alternately onto each one; 1 st onto the back, then 1 st onto the front, and so on – 10 on each needle. Knit 1 round even. Increase 4 st this round by Kf&b into the 1st st and last st on each needle. Knit 1 round even. Increase every other round until 40 st total. Knit even for as many rounds as will reach the ball of the foot of the intended victim.  I stopped at 30 rounds from cast on as my sister measured his toe to ball for me at about 5 inches. At that point, I switched colors to blue and size 6’s and knit ribbing for 8 rounds. Bind off on rnd 9.  If you’d rather, keep the ribbing the same color.   JimsToeWarmers


2 1/2 Years in the Making

Wait, longer than that.  Well, let’s just include the knitting/crocheting time, not the summer when the boys and I actually dyed the yarn.  CHRISTOPHER’S BABY BLANKET IS FINALLY FINISHED!!!!!!!!  And, the coolest part is – I finished it up in the same place I started it – Disney’s private island Castaway Cay.  We went on a DVC member’s cruise last week, just like the one back in September of 2010, and I knew I was almost done, so the blanket came with us to the beach.

Once again, Steve humored me by taking a few pictures of me finishing it up.

Disney Vacation and Cruise, January 2013 151.5

Funny thing – the ball rolled towards the water, and I was all “Steve, get a picture of that – it’s hilarious!  I bet there’s never been a ball of yarn on Castaway Cay’s beach before!”

Disney Vacation and Cruise, January 2013 152.5

Steve was all “It’s alright everyone – IT’S SUPERWASH.”

Disney Vacation and Cruise, January 2013 153.5

And here I am, blanket complete.  Then Steve went and bought me a pina colada.  Well, 2 of them actually.

Disney Vacation and Cruise, January 2013 156.5

And for those of you reminiscing, here’s the start of the blanket:

Summer 2010 pictures 072.5


Now, what am I going to do for Nathan’s baby blanket?

New Year’s Eve Snowfall Pictures

Ok, so we didn’t have a White Christmas.  Which was ok, cause I wouldn’t have been able to smell it anyway.  I got the worst sinus infection, and the day before Christmas I realized that I COULDN’T SMELL ANYTHING.  I went all jazz hands and tried to smell ALL THE THINGS, and there was nothing.  No pine-scented candles, no baby head, no poopy diaper (ok, so that wasn’t so bad), but the worst part?  I couldn’t smell my mom’s sugar cookies.  It was horrible.  It almost ruined Christmas.  Almost.  But it didn’t.  Christmas pictures will be in a couple of days, or maybe even later today if I get all inspired.  But for now, we’re gonna go backwards.

Today’s 12-31-12, and it snowed.  It’s still snowing.  This is quite possibly the best New Year’s Eve ever.  I can smell the snow.  The boys played outside for well over an hour, and no one cried.  David only came in cause the 3rd layer of snowman fell apart when he tried to put it on top, and he needed a break.   Here’s some pics of layer #1, and random snow pics of my backyard.

David as King of the Mountain:

December 2012 074.5

Patrick as King of the Mountain or the top of a snowman:

December 2012 090.5

Russell as King of the Mountain:

December 2012 084.5

I told them to jump off, and managed to get these cool shots:

December 2012 075.5

December 2012 091.5

December 2012 086.5

Someone even built Chris a mini-snowman, and he tried to add on another head or something…

December 2012 079.5

December 2012 080.5

Here’s the second layer of snowman:

December 2012 092.5

And here’s the back ramp/stairs that David built to get it up there:

December 2012 093.5

My little engineer.  Snort.  Little my aunt fanny.  He’s gonna be 15 in 21 days, and he’s already 5′ 7 1/2″.  I think my dad’s 5′ 6″.  Nevermind that.  I’ll just focus on all of them wearing hats and mittens that I knit.  Cause I’m awesome.

Next up…Russell’s birthday, Christmas, cookie decorating, and Thanksgiving pictures.  Most likely in that order.

And the countdown begins

Well, it already started.  And I don’t knit or crochet nearly fast enough.

I wonder how much knitting/crocheting I could actually get done if I’d stop looking at more patterns on Ravelry.  I swear, I’ve added like 15 or 20 to my queue in the last couple of days, and that’s not even counting the things I’ve seen for my sister that I haven’t queued yet in case she goes on and queue-stalks me.

What on earth makes me think that if I haven’t finished the things I’ve been working on for a while for people for Christmas that I can go ahead and, say, for example, knit her a pair of awesome mittens too?

Oh, and get them done in time to mail up there.

And I sit here typing this out while the boys are sleeping.  Am I working on something?  Nope.  Just sitting here going through emails.  And looking at Ravelry.  Found a cool afghan pattern on Lion – it was on an email.  It starts out as a square, and I’m guessing you could just totally do this whatever size you want, and I can see making this either crochet or knit.  Sort of reminds me of a log cabin style thing, but cooler somehow.  And now I want to make one of those too.  But not for Christmas.  I’m not THAT insane.


Crazytown – I am the Queen of it

What kind of person starts knitting a cowl thing at 10 pm on a Saturday night (yes, I do realize I have no life, but wait, don’t answer yet – there’s more) … thinking that it’d be awesome to wear it to church tomorrow with her new black turtleneck?

I’ve never been to Rhinebeck, but I’m thinking this may be the same thing as those people who think they can knit a new sweater in a week to wear there.


Well, perhaps I’ll quote a card I saw congratulating the new parents on their baby.  The inside said “Sleep is for sissy’s.”

All for me!





I finished up my Camp Loopy project #2 the other day, and blocked it yesterday on our bed:




There’s Russ helping take out the pins from blocking.

And here’s a close-up of the center:

And a close-up of the side and border:

Hanging on the deck railing in the morning sun:

And back-lit in the morning sun on the deck railing:

And one of the artist, taken by Son #2.  I think this is fair-worthy.  The shawl, not the photo.

The details are on my project page.  Let me just say that Malabrigo Lace is quite possibly softer than baby angel kitten butts.

Look, I made something!

Can you guess what it is?

How about a little peek?

Oh, look!  There’s a Kindle in there!

I made a flap thing sort of like those fold over sandwich baggies, and David loves it.

Which really, is all that matters.  Cause pleasing a 14 year old boy is hard.


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