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And the countdown begins

Well, it already started.  And I don’t knit or crochet nearly fast enough.

I wonder how much knitting/crocheting I could actually get done if I’d stop looking at more patterns on Ravelry.  I swear, I’ve added like 15 or 20 to my queue in the last couple of days, and that’s not even counting the things I’ve seen for my sister that I haven’t queued yet in case she goes on and queue-stalks me.

What on earth makes me think that if I haven’t finished the things I’ve been working on for a while for people for Christmas that I can go ahead and, say, for example, knit her a pair of awesome mittens too?

Oh, and get them done in time to mail up there.

And I sit here typing this out while the boys are sleeping.  Am I working on something?  Nope.  Just sitting here going through emails.  And looking at Ravelry.  Found a cool afghan pattern on Lion – it was on an email.  It starts out as a square, and I’m guessing you could just totally do this whatever size you want, and I can see making this either crochet or knit.  Sort of reminds me of a log cabin style thing, but cooler somehow.  And now I want to make one of those too.  But not for Christmas.  I’m not THAT insane.



KU BSJ striping notes

So, I offered to make something for one of David’s teachers who’s expecting.  She asked for something in KU colors.  This is what I came up with.  I’m adding my notes to the bottom in case I want to do this sort of striping again.

Cast on with red
Changed to blue on row 13
Changed back to red on row 29
Started blue on row 75. Ended on row 79.
Realized that if I do the directions as written (using the old Adcock cheat sheet), the 2 yellow stripes won’t match up due to the picking up of stitches on 2 different rows. So, here’s what I’m doing:
Row 80 (WS) K even, in blue, cut blue yarn (I suppose I could leave this and do the back 90 by using the yarn from the outside of the skein, but right now I don’t want to deal with that fiddley-ness)
Row 81 (RS) Slip first 34 st onto left needle without knitting. Switch to yellow, and knit the next 90.
Row 82 (WS) Knit 90 in yellow, cut yarn.
Row 83 (RS) Switch back to blue, and knit 90.
The rest of the back 90 rows will be knit in blue.

Stealth Christmas Knitting

Finally the gifts have been opened, at least the ones that I finished up on time.  I started these socks for my sister back in October, and they were one of the first Christmas presents I finished up!

Next came a hat for my almost sister-in-law, if my brother will ever get his act together and marry her already.

My sister’s hubby got 2 hats, cause he, well, can’t find a hat lots of times.  Here’s the first one:

The second one will have to wait since I completely forgot to take a picture of it before wrapping it up and mailing it up to IL.  Oops.

I made this one for my dear little brother.  I wish I could have seen his face when he opened it up.  At first glance, it looks like one of those classic Nordic patterns, but if you look a little closer at the deer…well, I figured Kyle had the kohonas to pull off wearing something like that.

We spent Christmas in CO with a few of hubby’s sisters.  I made these washcloths for Cindy and Cara.  #1 is a feather and fan;

#2 is a staggered block pattern;

#3 is a chevron although it’s hard to see with the variegated yarn;

#4 is another block pattern, but not staggered.

I made another fuzzy blanket for Christopher, whipped out on super big needles in just a few days.

First of David’s mittens – cutting it a little close there with the leftover yarn.  Story later.  Let’s just say I pretty much knit this one twice to make sure I’d have enough.

Here is the yarn from the Lamb Shoppe that wanted to come and live with me.  First some Mountain colors lace in daybreak:

and along those same lines, some Mountain colors Bearfoot in Yellowstone:

Kristen’s chevron is going to have to wait for another post as I’m having picture-loading issues.


More later, but there are kids to be tucked into bed and the yarn is calling me.  It’s very loud.  More on my Christmas presents as well.


Strike up the band

I have a parade of FO’s.   A looooooong time ago, my knitting group had a dye party.  This is the first thing I made from that yarn I dyed that day.

Yep, socks.  I love the colors though.  I took the hank and colored 1/3 of it with lemonade koolaid, 1/3 with lemon lime koolaid, and 1/3 with pink lemonade koolade.  Aren’t they spring-y looking?  Figures I’d finish them just in time for fall.  Here’s a close up of the lacy pattern.

I whipped this out for one of my nieces in FL.   Now that it’s done, my boys want one too.   Luckily, the google eyes come in packs of 12 or so.

We’re going on a Disney cruise in a couple weeks, so I thought Christopher should have some hidden mickey’s to wear.

I took a washcloth pattern here (it’s in the bugs and animals section), and charted it up.  I didn’t like that the mickey was done in garter st, so I did mine in stockinette and reverse stockinette.  I liked it so much I made another one in blue.

I’m still trying to decide on my vacation knitting, but I know this will be among them – I finally dyed my part of the yarn for Christopher’s baby blanket!   I’m doing one called Four Squares, and there’s a sample of another one I did right here.  For Christopher’s, I had each of the boys dye one hank of yarn which I’ll use for each square.  Daddy dyed one too that I’ll use for the border.  Here they all are in their glory in the front yard:

And a close up so I don’t forget what order I want the colors in:

We’re thinking once it’s done, whichever square he spits up on the most , well, that’s just his favorite person that day.  I dyed the red, David the blue/red/purple, Patrick the orange, and Russ the green.  Steve did the BRIGHT blue that will be the border.  Don’t know what that will be yet, I’ll focus on the squares first.  It’s all garter st, and increasing and decreasing, so mostly nice mindless knitting – perfect for a vacation!

Stealth knitting

I whipped out this snake a few days ago after being invited to a 2 year old’s birthday party that I ended up not even being able to attend.

Luckily for me, the mom had decided to extend the party until I could come over, 2 days later.  It was sort of an open house sort of thing.  The snake turned out rather cute I think.  I tried to sew on sort of a smiley face.

I didn’t want to post this until I had given her little boy the present though.

More presents are in the works as well.  My hubby’s brother’s wife was kind enough to not only hunt down my short sleeved nursing shirts that I left down in FL when we moved up here, she also took her 2 girls out shopping for Christopher, and packed everything up and mailed it up to me.  Just in time too, cause I had a few long sleeved shirts here, but it was starting to get rather warm.  I have a thank you present started for her already and I have an idea for her 2 girls that still needs some straightening out.  I may be writing up a pattern, as I saw a hat that I thought was adorable, but then thought, they live in FL.  Not much use for warm winter hats down there.  Then I had the idea to turn it into a purse.  What little girl doesn’t love a purse?  Or boy for that matter, although they don’t call it that.  But mine always have to have some sort of bag to carry with them whenever we go somewhere in case they find any treasures.

I probably could get more done if I didn’t have all these demands on me, but those kids keep wanting to eat.  Dang it.

Cause I know you were worried…

The black velvet skirt has been found.  Oddly enough, in a place I’d swear I looked 3 times already.

Additionally the other nursing dress (not the one I was talking about yesterday) looks alright too, so I’ll let hubby look at both outfits and see which one he thinks would be more appropriate for the shin-dig.

Also, finished up Deb’s thank you scarf.  I’ll get a picture before I mail it off.

Also, started a new jacket. Cause I don’t have nearly enough projects going on right now.  At least this one’s crochet.

Hope this is a sufficient Thank You!

In response to the amazing yarn, and this glider,

and all the baby clothes, I thought it’d be good to make Deb some sort of thank you present.   I’m still working on hers, but here’s the scarf I made for her daughter Abby:

I think this may be my favorite scarf pattern.  It’s adaptable to any gauge yarn.  At least I think it is.  I still have to try lace-weight and see how that works.

Here’s one lonely baby sock; wanna know the back story?

I’ll tell you anyway.  Christopher didn’t nurse much during the drive, and made up for it all Saturday night.  I must not have had enough water to drink or something, cause at some point during the wee hours, I started to get a headache.  Long story short – it turned into a migraine by about 7 am Easter morning.  I had already done one sock for little Austin on Saturday night, and had planned on finishing up the other one before church.  That did not happen.  Migraines suck.

I did finish it up the other day though, and now I’m just trying to get Deb’s thank you present done so I can mail them all off.

And now for something completely different, know what my favorite part of spring is?  Smelling these:

I remember when we first moved in here; it was in August, and there were these tall bushes on the side of the garage that some landscaping company had trimmed the heck out of, and made them look like tall boxes.  I didn’t think too much of them, cause they were just these green things.  Fall progressed, and winter passed, and spring came along.  One day I was outside and smelled a smell that brought back my childhood.  It took a second, then I realized: someone very close to my house must have lilac bushes.  I was so stoked.  I thought I should walk around a bit to see where exactly they were so I could go visit them and smell them closer.

Imagine my joy to find that it was ME who had lilacs!  And now they’re just starting to bloom, and it smells amazing!


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